Do Not Smoke!

Smoking is a fire hazard?  

No shit Sherlock! 

If this is not the definition of stupidity I do not know what is. First of all, my mom passed away from lung cancer over a decade ago. So yes, I am biased to start with and I admit it. She had cancer in her right lung and only found out because she was coughing up phlegm and coughed quite a bit. There was no pain or discomfort at all. Either way, the issue was most likely that she had been a smoker since her 20s and she passed away when she was 65. She never enjoyed retirement, and the relaxation she should have had in her 60s didn’t happen. Instead, it was one thing after another with cancer treatments.,cause%20a%20fire%20to%20start.%22

Quit smoking will you? 

While the argument is that other people can and do have all types of cancer, including lung cancer and they don’t smoke, does not mean you should. My mom’s journey to death began with cancer in the right lung, then the left. The doctors then said she had small cell cancer and that it usually goes to the brain. We should never have agreed to the radiation to her head but what did we know? Either way, it was done and after all that, she was going for check-ups. 

She eventually died of starvation. One hell of a way to go ha? How can one die of starvation in this day and age? We lived in Canada with good healthcare. No, the cancer didn’t spread to her stomach, no she didn’t have any other complications, what she did have is an MRI. 


When she was being checked for cancer she had an MRI and the liquid that she needed to drink was the issue. The liquid for the MRI is called VoLumen. Most MRI scan contrast agents contain a metal called gadolinium. I am not a specialist but it does not matter. What happened was, that she drank this liquid and then didn’t pass the liquid for nearly two weeks. She didn’t and couldn’t have a bowel movement. No one warned us, no one thought about this issue. Not until it was much too late. The liquid was trapped in her small intestine and in her very weak state, she had to have a stoma. The operation was at great risk because she was so weak. It didn’t matter because she was dying anyway. With her stoma in and her guts out, she couldn’t process any sort of nutrition to keep herself alive. 

Do not smoke! Period. 

While I started with the absurd headline about cigarette packages being a fire hazard, let’s say they are always a health hazard. The stupidity of the whole damn thing seems comedic.  

Let’s face it, with pollution today and the multitude of chemicals we ingest via “regulated” chemicals in food, let’s not add more fuel to the fire. Vaping, smoking, drinking and drugs should not be something we need to add to our bodies.  

My mom weighed just over 40kg (88 lbs) at the time of death. She weighed less than my German Shepherd. She passed away completely bald and looked like someone from a concentration camp. So please, yes cigarettes are bad, they are a fire hazard. But above all, they are a terrible health hazard. Take care of your body, you only have one and replacement parts are hard to come by.   

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