Concrete Pyramids

The pyramids, now you know. 

Now we know how the pyramids were built. Like many of you, I too have watched nearly all the programs I could on the pyramids. I have spent way too much time racking my brain on how anyone could build such massive structures. The sheer idea and the organization of food, labour, and accommodations alone are mind-blowing. Never mind the math behind it all. But and this is the big but, I wanted it to be aliens so badly that this program kind of disappointed me. Yet it is so enlightening.  

There is only one thing you need to believe and you are set.  

I always thought of the building process being, chiselling and polishing along with the ropes and manpower. Men constructing massive ramps and getting hundreds and thousands of people working in unison for 20 years and all. That has all changed now with this program.  

This is it… It has to be. 

My dad, had this funny saying “is this is it?” Well, this is it. It is three and a half hours of very engaging programming that begins with a rather unlikable character. Fehmi Krasniqi is not the best presenter and I was not going to watch his poker face for very long but then, this happened. 

So, if it isn’t for Mr. Fehmi Krasniqi, do it for yourself and watch this program. Watch with an open mind and allow yourself to believe in the only technology the Egyptians needed. It seems that the Egyptian authorities feel that anything else other than ropes and chisels will take away from the pyramids. This isn’t so… 

We need to believe in two things, concrete and glass. Once you let yourself believe these things the process makes sense. I know I am disappointed too…  

A very powerful magnifying glass.  

Once you do that and once you believe in that single process the rest makes sense. No soot on the walls from kerosene lamps. No slavery and no need for thousands of people hauling millions of rocks.  

They answer it all. 

Now it makes sense and while it comes off as anti-Egyptian in the beginning it seems that Egypt alone is responsible for everything on the planet, including the metric system. All stemming from a drop of water that is a constant around the world? Well, I tried but my drops of water were not 1 cm as they stated. I know I didn’t try too hard, but this video explains the world in a way that I never thought was possible. Also, it seems that the black vs white race bit is so out of balance that you will shake your head.   

You gotta see it. 

Now as much as you may or may not want this to be true. You should keep an open mind about this program because it all makes sense. I was a little shocked that the stonemasons and the creation of cement and polymers are the answer. It is so amazing that something like this can actually make sense. So, give this program a shot and please comment on what you think.   

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