Sharing the Sunset…

One of the most incredible sunsets.

Why am I talking about the sunset? Totally unrelated to the main topic of today’s blog but it is relatable and this is why I am posting it. The other day I was at Legian beach. That is not unusual… I often go to the beach and watch the sunset. 

It is the rainy season in Bali and thus it is hard to catch a nice sunset. I checked the weather report and there was a big fat “0” for the chance of rain. I hopped on my scooter and off I went. 

There was no doubt about the rain today but the sunset and how it was going to look is a different story. There were plenty of clouds off in the distance and sometimes this is a good thing. 

Let the show begin.

Of course, I took some photos, who does not take photos of the sunset? Ok well you, you don’t count. Most people take photos of the sunset. Alright fine, you are not “most people”. I took photos and promptly shared them on Instagram and uploaded them to TikTok. But I was wrong. 

The best was yet to come. 

I sat down in my sandals and watched the light show. Normally I do not do TikTok Live in the evening but as I sat there taking more and more photos I realized that yah… I need to share. I logged into TikTok Live and streamed the sunset. Well, it was not long before the followers hopped on and I was now enjoying the sunset with about 100 people. 

Mother nature didn’t disappoint. 

As my TikTok live went on and on, the light show got better and better. Instead of the usual sunset and poof you are done. The golden rays and wild fiery colors lingered and lingered to the point of a truly magical sunset. 

I realized that I was sharing this moment with the most loyal followers I had. The viewers lingered between 40 to 100 as most people are at prayers at this time and it was a Sunday night. Many families are out to dinner, so was not the best time for a live show. 

Regardless I realized one thing. I was with a group of people from all over Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, and possibly other places. I was able to share this magical moment from my life with many others. In reality, the viewers didn’t reflect the number of people who witnessed this.

Looking at the stats.

In the end, we ended up with over 13 thousand likes and over 10,000 people that hopped in and hopped out. The sunset was shared with over 170 people and many of my 40k followers of mine joined in randomly to witness this. 

As you can see by my post this was a mere snapshot but the light show was amazing. As I said I do not do TikTok live at night. Yet the audience loved the fact that I was out and about. It was something different they said. 

I learned something… Sharing is caring would be an overstatement here but it was true. So many people thanked me for sharing and came along for the walk after the sunset. I was taking these people with me through the streets of Bali. 

Not being ignorant, but…

I always assumed that everyone in Indonesia had been to Bali. However, that is like saying everyone in America has seen the Statue of Liberty, or everyone in Canada has seen Niagara Falls. I mean in the person of course… 

Many Indonesians do not have the means of possibly ever coming to Bali. However, here they were with me. I, one of many foreigners in Bali was taking the locals on a tour and they loved it. Hat’s off and a big thanks to the followers and to the many people I was able to share this magical moment with. It was truly a memorable experience.

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