Chat GPT and Dall-e

Let’s get the AI’s to work together.

So as humans, we assume our jobs will be taken over by AI. But as I am figuring out, working together with AI is fun. I asked Chat GPT to give me 5 prompts for Dall -e. This is what we came up with. Yes, I said “we” as I figure “we” did this together.

Sure, here are five prompts for you:

Create a digital painting of a cityscape at sunset, with warm, vibrant colors and unique architecture that is both futuristic and grounded in reality.

Generate a surreal landscape featuring a giant tree with glowing roots, surrounded by a sea of fog and strange creatures lurking in the shadows.

Design an album cover for a psychedelic rock band, incorporating bold colors, trippy imagery, and a sense of otherworldly adventure.

Create an abstract sculpture inspired by the movement and fluidity of water, with intricate patterns and a sense of flowing motion.

Generate a digital portrait of a cyborg, blending organic and mechanical elements seamlessly and conveying a sense of power and strength.

Artificial inteligence.

Published by Zsolt Zsemba

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