The Western Influence…

The Western People do it.

What’s the attitude of the locals in Bali? Well, it seems like many of the younger women and men here are really looking up to the Westerners here. Unfortunately, it’s not all for the better.

Am I becoming old and grumpy?

Am I becoming too conservative?

Maybe I have had enough of all the bullshit.

Probably had enough of all the bullshit and the “I do what I want” attitude of many people. This has always been the case, but this is next-level shit.

It’s the coming of the Russians.

The Westerners were one thing. But now the Russians are influencing the locals with the big lips the fake lashes and the plastic boobs.

It’s not enough that the Western people were here in skimpy bikinis… Ok, I am not complaining about it… I am pointing it out sort of from a distance to a friend. I am not actually pointing but motioning that way. However, that coupled with the huge lips, fake lashes, and the Russian attitude… Well would you look at that, Bali is all messed up and the influence can be seen heard, and well… Advertised… With Russian ads on Instagram and restaurants, it seems that war has done little to stop the Russians from Invading another country, Indonesia.

I have said it once and will once more.

The Russians are coming and it is bad news guys. I will need to do another blog on this once more but it’s too late I assume. Areas of Bali have turned into Russian-occupied territory, and this will get worse before it gets better.

I would take the Asian influence over the Russians. Since if they are here, so are the Russian gangs, bullies, and money laundering. It is only a matter of time before the locals get all caught up in this mess and only then will heads roll.

Like the Russians that made the news a while ago about them mooning each other on pics at a religious location. Or ones that urinated where they were not supposed to. While not all Russians are bad, there are a few.

This Russian influence combined with the many rude Australians and the ignorant Americans… Bali is in for a hell of a ride, they better check tickets, and personal information and do a little checking before this whole place turns to shit… Lombok, Raja Ampat and Sumbawa, here I come!

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