Calling all Single Moms:)

Single moms!

The one thing that there is no shortage of on my TikTok is single moms. Why this is and why this is happening, I am unsure. I have yet to dwell deeply on this question. However, I do know that at least 70% of my followers are single moms. I do not know why… Some have had husbands that have passed away. I found this out by asking “Where is your husband?” The reply was that they died and I felt like an idiot. So now I just ask about her and her family and do not ask directly where the husband is.

But we are here to help.

A lady reached out to me on TikTok and asked if I was interested in creating a charity group for single women. I naturally said yes. We had a meeting today and discussed what would make us different, so here you go.

Our goal is to create a safe place and platform for women to share their stories and experiences. To be able to give them advice, information, and support. 

A place for them to not be shunned but to be brought into a safe like-minded community. A community that is run by single moms who have been there. This community and charity group will advise, single moms and young women alike that life is not over if you do not have a husband.

This is Indonesia.

While this single-mom problem occurs all over the planet it is slightly different in Indonesia. One, it is religion, and two the relationship with the family. Our goal will be to offer legal, financial, and personal advice along with support and empowerment. Women in Indonesia do have a voice, there are many women in power in this country. But thousands upon thousands of villages lack much of the modern mentality. 

Jakarta is not like a small village in the country or deep in the jungle. Nearly all locations have access to the Internet. So if they can get online, we can try and be a support system online or in person when possible. 

My meeting with the moms.

I met with a group of ladies who approached me with this idea. Oddly enough I am a man. Alright, that is not odd, but my audience is women and I have their attention. 

The meeting of the moms led to tragic and very interesting personal stories from them. They will lead by experience and lead by success. They have all been there, had a hell of a time, and had success. 

It is time to give back.

Now a group of us are getting together and pooling our resources, searching for some sponsors. We will offer services and support programs to single moms, young women, and their children. We are in the early stages of this but I hope we can make it happen. 


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