The Better Rooster is Here!

The better ROOSTER is here! 50% quieter, 50% larger, and 50% smarter. Now the rooster sounds like a normal human conversation! 

The new and improved rooster!

Yes, the Balinese people have done it!

The better ROOSTER is here! 50% quieter, 50% larger, and 50% smarter. Now the rooster sounds like a normal human conversation would as far as sound decibels go!

Why? Well, I am glad you asked. After decades and decades of complaints by visitors to Bali, I had to take action. The Balinese people depend on travel and tourism to Bali. So why not have a win-win situation out of need and necessity? It was time to develop a quiet rooster and in the process improve upon the regular run-of-the-mill chickens.

Chickens are descendants of dinosaurs, so let’s play Jurassic Park, I thought to myself.

Breeding quieter and larger roosters was the answer. With each generation, we had a quieter and quieter breed of rooster. People mix dogs, cats, horses, and so on. So why not the common rooster?

After several generations, we have the answer! A genetically modified quieter and friendlier Rooster for the masses. Would you like a rooster in your home? No problem, we’ve got you! Message me on Instagram @zsoltzsemba for more information!

How loud is a Rooster?

Roosters crowing can reach 143 decibels, that’s insane! That’s about the same intensity as standing 15 meters away from a jet taking off.

One rooster’s crows reached more than 143 decibels.

Which is more like standing in the middle of an active aircraft carrier. So being awakened in the morning or at night by a rooster can be detrimental to one’s health and ears. A rooster’s crow is typically around the 130 decibels range. Conversely, a hen’s cluck falls in the 60-decibel range. Of course, how close you are to the sound makes a difference in how loud it sounds, and prolonged exposure is more dangerous than shorter exposure – but this chart shows the general decibel levels of some common sounds. Including a rooster’s crow.

So how about the NEW rooster?

Well after breeding several different species we have found a compromise. Generational breeding has quieted the breed to an acceptable level of human speech.
If you have read this far, you will now be informed that this is all bullshit. Yet it is not a bad idea. If you think we can work on this then let’s do it and truly make a better rooster! BTW, this is all a load of crap… thank you!


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