Villa Jado.

Villa Jado.

Like most things in Bali, nearly everything is for sale or rent. Such is the case with my friend Jado and his villas. I often help him out with villa rentals and his social media. Villa Jado 1, 2, and 3. are available for rent on Airbnb or directly through Facebook.
I am helping with his villas in Umalas, Sanur, and Bedugul. These are all prime locations for rentals in Bali and are nice places to invest. Investment properties in Bali are booming, so we are going to the next step with Villa Jado. There is now an official Villa Jado Bali company set up where we will run a Villa management service under the Villa Jado Bali Brand for others. Despite the thousands of villas and thousands of villa management companies, many personal villas are not offered for rent.

Many villas.

My friend Jado is a local… Meaning he is a foreigner but was born in Bali to an Indonesian citizen. Doing business in Indonesia and being a foreigner with an Indonesian passport makes things easy here. My friend has many foreign and local villa owners that do not rent out their places because of trust issues with the local way of business. This is a small gap that we will be filling for friends and acquaintances at Villa Jado Bali.
First things first… A website, which we already have, phone numbers, and social media. The very basics for villa rentals and communication. There are essential tools in marketing villas and properties. Yet it mostly comes down to price.

Our basic strategy.

We ask as high a price as we can and lower it as needed. Very easy in a way… Yet nothing is ever easy. Renters can be a pain in the ass and problems can happen.
Everything from water heaters breaking, to internet problems and even broken appliances. So these are basic management problems that will occur. Most of the renters are foreigners, and very few locals will rent our villas. There is a difference between locals and foreigners as far as needs in a villa. Locals will come for short-term stays and foreigners will stay for a month or more and work from home.
That is the target market for most villas just as I stated. But what we found to be different is that our prices being higher than most will attract a different clientele and also bring returning ones. So far we have had over 90 % occupancy and zero cancelations. The new website will be coming and further upgrade on social media will be boosting rentals. All in due time… It had started as an uphill battle. We have learned and found our way into the rental market and carved ourselves a small niche with the villas we have on hand.


Our Airbnb rentals in Umalas and Bedugul:


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