Let’s keep learning!

More and more English.

As the zoom classes go on, I have had several requests from schools to have me on as a native speaker. I find it very interesting that despite the fact that there are many foreigners in Indonesia, there is a shortage of volunteers.

I was pretty sure that many men and women who are involved in the thousands of NGOs and volunteers here are not helping. The latest ones to reach out to me were three students in Bali and a grade 6 teacher from East Java.

I am pretty sure it is all because of TikTok, otherwise they would not know about me personally. But why are other local English speakers not being asked to help? I am pretty sure that many would love to give back to society here.

Let’s talk.

I am trying to teach conversational English. The basics if you will so it encourages the individuals to learn. When they gain a bit more confidence it gives them the “spirit” to learn more. I used the word spirit because that is what it translates to in Indonesian, “semangat”.

This little boost in confidence goes a long way…

I feel that many of my followers feel that they know me. They know me virtually and on TikTok. They talk to me, chat with me, and understand me. It must have something to do with the comfort level and familiarity.

We do have fun.

It is interesting how things change from TikTok to Zoom class. As my one follower who goes under the handle “UserVip” put it.

Zsolt is different in Zoom than on TikTok.

We are in a different environment and therefore I dress and of course act differently. More serious and professional than the silly TikTok me. Not to say I am always silly in TikTok but we have our moments. Now I will expand a little to grade 6 Zoom classes and have fun with the smaller kids as a form of encouragement and confidence building.

At the same time, I am learning quite a bit about the people and the followers and what makes them tick. It seems they are all about education, fun, and interaction. They all want to learn and improve their English. Some more than others and some are only there to play the TikTok games and pass the time. Either way, we interact and have lots of fun.


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