The white husband part 2

The white husband?

(Not mean to be racist, I am only presenting facts from my TikTok.)

The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Well, I guess that depends on who takes care of the grass and how well it is maintained.

No sexual innuendoes here, I am referring to relationships.

I have known many foreign men who are divorced from their Indonesian wives. I am one of those men.  My case may be different from others. My case was based on a whole other set of circumstances due to my ex-wife’s past. In most cases here in Bali, it is about cheating and flings, etc.

It’s all about the individuals.

Many men and women will come across locals and foreigners who are willing to bend the rules in a relationship to get further ahead. The problem here is that this is a transient place. People come and go and often leave certain things behind… Like babies and their moms. So, the women often do not feel safe, so they look for a better life with a foreigner.

A villa versus a small rental room, dinner, and nightclubs it is all about where you went and what you did. Whom you did it with is the interesting part. I guess I found out the hard way once more with an Indonesian ex-girlfriend. However, that is not the point.

Crap happens and…

This will continue to happen as long as men and women roam the planet. Finding a secure, safe, and dependable partner is harder and harder all over the world. The digital age and the many apps catering to the need of many empty and shallow relationships are only a click or two away.

So, this is not only a Bali or Indonesian problem. However, many women still run to and are attracted to foreign tourists as much as the Russian mail-order brides of the past. Yes, the crazy Russians are here. So many locals are attracted to them but not as much as the “other” foreigners.

America is not helping.

All this equality crap in North America is driving men away from white women. Don’t get on my back about this. Look at the trends and listen to Jordan Peterson. He is a man and yes, I agree with him. So, the more the shit hits the fan in the west, the more Asian women become more attractive.

My friend recently got married to an Indonesian and yes, she too had a culture shock when visiting Canada. Where the relationship will end up, we will never know, we hope for the best. However, the lure and fantasy or the fairytale are here to stay when a hot young woman can pick up a better off older white man and live a happy life. After all, it is a win-win if you think about it. Divorces and cheating will happen, but I hope that for a few the fairytale will last.

Editors note by Janet Graham:

I don’t understand the attraction.  There are plenty of white women who are looking for a man who will be nice to them, treat them well, and are willing to be a more “traditional” woman. However, we are not allowed to be, ppl poke fun at us, and say that we haven’t embraced equality.  Dare I say, white men don’t want to put in the effort of getting to know us white women? Women my age, understand the struggles of equality, our generation was the one who pushed through the “glass ceiling”.  However, what most men don’t know, realize or want to understand, is that even though we did those things, we’re still women, who have millions of years of brain chemistry that enable us to be women.
Although I enjoy working, I also enjoy baking, laundry, doing the dishes without a dishwasher, having a clean home(that I cleaned myself), looking good, not only for myself but others that I encounter during the day.  To sum it up, I enjoy being a homemaker.  I never had children, I was too hung up on being a Mom like I had. That being said, I am loving, caring and loyal.


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