How much communication do we need?

Is communication killing us?

Are text messages driving you crazy? Good morning, Goodnight, and what I am having for breakfast? This is now normal. Postings on social media may as well be the new way of communication. 

I am telling you I had breakfast because I posted about it. 

Yet it is information that we use to see where people are and what people are doing. Is it way too much? Is it communication, attention seeking, or is this the way we are living nowadays? This is one form of communication, but how about individual communication? 

Live location 

I had an employee that had his WhatsApp location on all the time so his wife could keep tabs on him. Yes, this is a true story. The story I know is that he cheated on his wife so now he is on a digital leash. His wife knows where he is at all times. 

Yes, this is a bit too much, but there is a reason for it. There is a good reason for it if you ask the wife and I will assume it is verification for the husband but if he cheated he caused this himself. 

The government and phone companies know where we are at all times. However, having all your friends and family know where we are at all times may be a touch too much. 

How much info do we need? 

Depends on the individual. Good morning and Goodnight to a loved one seem normal. Depending on your relationship it may or may not be. It may seem to be a matter of courtesy and establishing trust. Reiterating the position or whereabouts of yourself or a loved one is a matter of trust. Like my ex-employee this gains the trust of another but what is there to expect from another as far as communication? 

In Indonesia it is quite funny, people will randomly ask if you have eaten or if you have had a shower. My immediate answer in my head is…

It’s none of your business! 

But this is somewhat normal. Much like we ask, how are you? We ask each other several times a day. How much communication is needed in a relationship? Is it caring, sharing, or overwhelming this depends on the individual. Some people demand a much higher level of communication and others are correct by asking. 

Hey, I am going to meet you at five, let’s meet up at six or seven. Yet for some people, it is difficult to send a text message if they are going to be late. This lack of communication is bothersome. If you have no time to send a 5-second text, this means you don’t give a shit. 

So how much do we need? 

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