Do I keep going with the blog?

Do I keep up the blog?

Is the daily grind of the blog worth it? Sometimes I say yes, yes, it is. Other times it’s like ugh, what’s next? In many ways it keeps me going. It has become second nature to sit down at the laptop early in the morning and get things started with the blog.

It feels like I am doing a warm-up before the workout of the day. It is a way to get my brain in gear and get it set up for the real work ahead. Yet at times when I do the blog, I feel I am also done for the day.

That’s done, time to relax, and yet I only typed a page.

So, the blog is interesting. It helps me get on with the day, and at other times it’s a relief it is done and out of the way. Either way, it gets me going and I guess it could be a diary of sorts. Without the complete details of my life of little things like what I had for breakfast. However, that may be a good topic to touch upon in the near future.

Off to do some real work.

The blog feels like a part of me and whether people read it or not makes no difference to me. Some people do read it and comment and others will message me on Instagram. By the way my TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are all @zsoltzsemba. So, if you care to follow, please do and we can be closer virtual friends.

While I go off and do some invoices, which I hate doing, you can browse my lovely Instagram posts.

Heck, we can be Facebook friends as well. Maybe we can like some photos and stories and I can see the silly things your cat and dog are up to. Or maybe not and I can continue to write my blog that only my editor reads.

For now, I’ll keep going.

I need another 20 or so blogs to unlock my other personal achievement. You see I did do a blog a day for a year. I did unlock my personal achievement for that. However, on my travel to Canada. I posted one late blog that broke my streak of posting every day. So, I need another 20 or so blogs to be able to say…

I posted a blog for 365 days in a row.

Trust me on this, this is a bummer. I was hoping to get this all done in one go. Somehow with the time difference, I scheduled a blog and I messed up. So, there you go. My reason to keep going. Not to impress anyone but myself. So, if you are still with me at the bottom of the page… Thank you.

If you didn’t make it this far then these words mean absolutely nothing to you…

#twitter #facebook #instagram #socialmedia #blog #blogger #zsoltzsemba #goals #achievement #linkedin #diary

#twitter #facebook #instagram #socialmedia #blog #blogger #zsoltzsemba #goals #achievement #linkedin #diary


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    1. Thanks for your comment. But as you can see it has nothing to do with game. I made a promise to myself to write everyday for a year. It also piggybacks on my TikTok where I am helping people.



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