Rainy season in Bali.

Today I watched a TikTok video…

No, not just one… One of many of course but this one was just asking to be commented on. I often hear foreigners complaining about Bali. I was at a coffee shop the other day and this older man from Australia was going off. 

“I can’t believe how expensive Bali is getting, I am thinking of going to Thailand.”

I almost butted in and told him to go and get lost. When I hear people complaining and going on and on I feel these are the types of people that will never be happy. Their location on the planet would be irrelevant. They are just unhappy people. 

Seeing negativity.

This is true for many people. I saw a TikTok video of the guy complaining about the rainy season. Well… We all know that the rainy season is wet.

Does it rain during the rainy season? Oh my God!

This idiot is making a video about the rain in Bali. I had to comment for him to go home. Please, please leave the island and go home. I am unsure where he came from but no one cares. Yes, it rains during the rainy season. 

Sometimes it is depressing. Currently, it has been raining for nearly two weeks. Sometimes just a little and other times it feels like the roof of the house will be ripped off. Trees will be toppled and little shops will be blown away. 

Go home.

So why do people stay? Aha because they are better off here than they are wherever they came from. Still, a few months of on-and-off rain can be hard to take. 

Unsure of how this person would feel in Canada where there are 6 months of winter. Unsure of how they would feel when there is a foot of snow on your driveway. However, one thing is sure. I have met some miserable people in Bali. This has no bearing on the island itself. Because the island of the Gods is not perfect. It is far, far, very far from perfect. 

There is plenty of garbage, crime, prostitution, drugs, accidents, and bad people in general. Every day people get ripped off in bad property deals, and wheels need to be greased to get things done. There are many minor accidents with scooters, and plenty of drunk people, mostly foreigners. 

So why Bali?

Despite the regular life type of things, Bali is Bali. The biggest problem in Bali is garbage. I’m talking about the garbage-style people that seem to not find happiness and garbage that is piling up on the streets. I guess that both types of garbage need to be cleaned up in Bali. 

Bali is a place to come and chill, find yourself, and do things that may or may not be out of reach for you back home. Bali is getting more and more expensive. I imagine it will be the Monaco of Asia. Eventually, the prices will rise so much that it will be a place where only the wealthy can stay. So invest now, I assume. But leave your attitude and your negativity at customs, at home, or on the plane. Bali is Bali, do your research and maybe do not come during the rainy season. 

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