East Java, Road Trip. Day 2

Missed the sunrise…

Our day started early. We arrived at 1 am Bali time. There is a one-hour difference between Bali and East Java. We slept 3 hours and got up for sunrise.

We were late. We missed the golden glow of the early sunrise and decided that our view was amazing, thus I did TikTok content and Jado did his best to get as many drone shots as his batteries would allow. The view as you can see was amazing. Our location’s parking lot overlooked Bromo volcano and so we took as many photographs as we could on this beautiful clear day. This did give us the best possible view and time to get great shots. Since we were up very early, we decided to head to the edge of the crater at Bromo mountain/volcano.

Let’s go hiking.

Well, with my scooter accident, I was not 100% and I knew I wouldn’t be for most of this trip. We rented a jeep that would take us down to the thick of things.

This is where the fun started. In Indonesia, it is very popular to have two prices for things. One for foreigners and one for locals. Since I have a work permit, I am considered a local. Jado is a local since he is a citizen and was born in Bali.

When we got to the entrance of the volcano area, they wanted us to pay extra to enter. Jado was having none of it and told the guys that we will leave. He got upset and got out of the car and proceeded to leave. To which our guide responded no, no it is okay we can go.

We knew ahead of time.

We had suspected that this would happen. It was part of our plan as this is a normal occurrence here in Indonesia. We were ready to take off but didn’t have to. We got to see the whole area of the volcano’s surrounding area in a Toyota Jeep. This also included the trip to the rim of the volcano. But not a ride to the rim of the volcano.

Which meant I had to walk nearly 3 hours in total to get to the top and back to the Jeep.

The setup here is simple. make money.

The Jeep only goes so far, even though it could go to the foot of the volcano, they don’t. Here you have a choice of walking a few kilometers or going on horseback.

We walked.

Let’s make this about me. We walked and I was in pain. Only later did I realize how much of the fine sand and dirt got into my open wounds. My stupidity, just like the accident but what was done was done.

We walked and took a bunch of stairs to the top of the volcano. Now, this is not North America. You fall, get injured, or killed, it’s your problem. The way it should be. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes. No matter what, we made it and had an incredible time at the volcano. The view and the phone signal were amazing. I managed to do TikTok Live from the edge of a crater. The crater was filled with smoke and sulfur. It spewed up tons of chemicals that we got to inhale. When the wind blew in the right direction, we could see all the yellow guck at the bottom of the crater.

We had an amazing view and an amazing time. It was well worth the trip and the pain I endured. That night we went to bed as early as we could so we could get up even earlier than the night before.

road trip, East Java, Surabaya, Bromo Volcano Traveling, Travelling Explore
Indonesia, photography, travel blog Indonesia

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road trip, East Java, Surabaya, Bromo Volcano Traveling, Travelling Explore
Indonesia, photography, travel blog Indonesia

#roadtrip #eastjava #surabaya #bromo #volcano #traveling #travelling #exploreindonesia, #photography #travelblog #indonesia


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