East Java, Road Trip. Day 1

East Java, road trip.

My friend Jado asked me a while ago if I would like to accompany him on a trip from Denpasar Bali to Surabaya. The trip would involve us flying to Surabaya from Bali and then taking a road trip back to Bali over a course of 8 days.

I said yes… I needed the break badly and a change of scenery would do me good. I accepted the offer and was ready to go. I had yet to see East Java so why not. I was already switching locations for other reasons, so I essentially got my new place, dropped off my suitcase, and left. I have yet to sleep at my new apartment in Bali. As much as I was looking forward to the trip, I had to take care of one last thing, and off I went to Sanur.

However…I wiped out.

As luck would have it, I wiped out on my scooter two days before my trip. There I was my head full of life’s mysteries. As I was coming up with several different answers to my problems… Someone decided to put the brakes on for no reason I could see. While I was generally aware of my surroundings, especially on a scooter. I was not fully paying attention.

Needless to say, I grabbed a hand full of the front brake on my scooter. As soon as I did, I knew I was in trouble. The next thing I knew, I was wobbling a bit in slow motion. I was falling and sliding on the pavement. I slammed to the ground and onto my right side. I was going somewhere between 30/40km/h. As quickly as I could I got up to save myself the embarrassment. I gathered my backpack, and my phone and went to the side of the road.

I was in shock and felt little pain other than the pain of embarrassment and a bruised ego. I went on to my meeting as scheduled and ran on adrenaline. Upon getting to the meeting, I was tended to and began to assess the extent of my injuries.

On we go.

No matter, I promised my friend Jado that I would go on this trip and two days later we were on the flight. Day one was rough. I packed what I thought I would need. Then we were at the airport and on our way.

After arriving in Surabaya, we proceeded to the Honda dealership to pick up the yellow Honda Brio my friend had purchased. This was to take no longer than 30 min but took two hours. The delay set us back and Google maps didn’t help us out either.

We were on the road for nearly 5 hours and about 3 hours behind schedule. After all that we ended up on undrivable roads. The brand-new car was being beaten up quite badly. After getting lost we arrived at our not-so-lovely accommodation at Cemara Indah Hotel. It was dark, and cold, and we went to bed as fast as we could.

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