Offence, offence…

The best defence is a good offence.

I am going to repeat myself a little here from my previous blog for a very good reason. I am weirdly going about this from an interview I did the other day for TikTok.

“My coach loved the fact that I was a strong defenceman. One day though we were losing against the Burlington team by one goal. Near the end of the game, he put me up as centre forward. Within a minute I was taking shots on the net and bam hit the crossbar. I remember this so clearly as the ball nailed the crossbar and flew back onto the field. We didn’t win the game, but that shot, that afternoon turned me into the top goal scorer for the team in the years to come.”

Life experiences come into play here and this is how people are thinking nowadays. 

I met a small shop owner.

I met this lovely young lady for my TikTok content the other day. You may or may not know, but I help out small businesses for free by helping them set up their social media and clickable WhatsApp, Linktree, Google sites, etc. 

When I pulled up on my scooter she was sitting, playing a game on her phone. I took off my helmet and met her for the first time. Like many others, she contacted me on TikTok. She was feeling down because she gets about 10 customers a day in her little shop. The shop is a tin can that is about 2 meters by one and she sells iced coffee, waffles, and some croissants. When I looked at her logo on her social media, nothing was in sync. Her personal photo was on the accounts and the account was scattered with the same. Personal photos and some drinks were scattered on the page.

No plan.

I have touched on this before. A business without a business plan, social media plan, and financial plan or budgeting will fail. When you set these little things up you will see holes and vulnerability. Bad content, lack of funding, or personnel issues. 

So in her case, she needs to go on the offensive. However, she didn’t have the passwords to her accounts and had no idea about the content she needed. 

I spent an hour with her. I didn’t sit down and set things up for her as I normally would. She couldn’t log into the accounts. I asked her to please use the “Forgot password” option. The following morning she followed me and I assume she got into the account. 

The point is she needed to get up and running on postings and bringing people in. While I was there a young lady pulled up on the scooter and asked for a waffle. I hinted to her to ask if she can take a photo with the customer and ask for permission. The young lady smiled and said yes. All of a sudden content was being made. However, she would rather play on her phone instead of checking YouTube or other accounts for example hashtags. This was disappointing and this is why I didn’t set things up for her from the start. I want her to set things up, and see how she does in a week or so. One can lead a horse to water… as the saying goes. 


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