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Support the little guys.

My TikTok content is generally about supporting small businesses. While we all must shop somewhat frugally and purchase the things we like, I try to support the smaller businesses.  

Restaurants for example are my favorite. At times we cannot avoid it, we must eat someplace or visit a larger establishment. Yet I do try to support the smaller places especially here in Bali.

I am not a fan of McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King. Not so much because of the food, I am sure I eat plenty of unhealthy food elsewhere. I simply like going to smaller places where in most cases the owners or a family member of the establishment is present. 

The family business.

This is close to my heart, if you have read my book John Doe vs Evil you would know why. Our family built up a large business with a company from Sweden whose logo is yellow and blue… Every time I see a true family business I try and support them. These memories that are embedded, carved, and etched in my brain are impossible to erase. When our family worked hard to be able to afford our mortgage payment and I couldn’t get shoes until the next month, those are memories that will live with me forever. 

Holes in my shoes because I was doing track and field…

Yup, I had a hole in the bottom of my shoes. We had to choose, food or shoes. We ate… So now on my TikTok, I support as many small businesses as I can. 

Even now when I drive past a small upholstery shop and I see a cut and sew operation by the side of the road my heart goes out to them. I know the struggle, I see how things are done and I wish I could help every one of them somehow. 

The other day I rode past a small upholstery place and I could see the polyester fiber-filled casings and a sofa being upholstered. I felt like getting off the scooter and heading over to see what was up. It is hard to resist. I feel I am done with the furniture industry and yet I truly feel the need to help.

In business.

Not only furniture but nearly any business when the owner is involved will relate to this. Every machine and every sound is registered in your head. I could hear our large springing gun jam halfway across the factory floor. I could hear a staple gun misfire and I could hear the slipping of the compressor belt and knew it needed to be replaced. 

These are the things ones knows and experiences in a small business. This is why the owners, the true 100% dedicated owners get up, live and breathe their business. This is why my heart goes out to the individuals who run small businesses. Please check your local small business and try to support the little guys…


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Zsolt Zsemba has worn many different hats. He has been an entrepreneur, and businessman for over 30 years. Living abroad has given him many amazing experiences in life and also sparked his imagination for writing. After moving to Canada from Hungary at the age of 10 and working in a family business for a large part of his life. The switch from manufacturing to writing came surprisingly easily for him. His passion for writing began at age 12, mostly writing poetry and short stories. In 1999, the chance came to write scripts. Zsolt took some time off from his family business to write in Jakarta Indonesia for MD Entertainment. Having written dozens of soap operas and made for TV movies, in 2003 Zsolt returned to the family business once more. In 2018, he had the chance to head back to Asia once again. He took on the challenge to be the COO for MD Pictures and get back into the entertainment business. The entertainment business opened up the desire to write once more and the words began to flow onto the pages again. He decided to rewrite a book he began years ago. Organ House was reborn and is a fiction suspense novel while Scars is a young adult drama focused on life’s challenges. After the first two books, his desire to write not only became more challenging but enjoyable as well. After having several books completed he was convinced to publish them for your enjoyment. Zsolt does not tend to stay in one specific genre but tends to lean towards strong female leads and horror. Though he also has a few human interest books, he tends to write about whatever brews in his brain for a while.

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