How do I describe you without you knowing this is about you?

You are the kindest person I know. The most giving and the most understanding human I know. However, as with all things we often forget to say those things.

So, who are you really? You are somewhat quiet and avoid confrontation. You do not like to hurt people. At the same time, you are afraid to say certain things to avoid an argument or a fight. Or because you do not wish to hurt another person. You are not inclined to confront so you would rather swallow it all and let it be.

This is you.

You are a happy, positive, and understanding person that loves to laugh, loves to have a good time. Yet you are an introvert with an extroverted spirit that comes out when you are happy.

You do not have any particular vice or addiction. You prefer to relax at home and you are more of a homebody than anyone would think. While you seem outgoing and socially well adjusted. You would rather not be out drinking and partying all night because while you enjoy a good time it is not you. Dinner, movies, and chilling with friends and family is the real you. Anything else you will need to think about unless it is travel and sightseeing.


As trusting and loving as you are you have your limits. As confident as you seem you also have a complex darker side. One that will mull over things for hours.

When your head and heart do not align there is turmoil inside of you. When you have questions, you need answers. When something troubles you, you often hold it in until you can no longer take it. Then it all comes out with frustration and even tears. All that is more than ok. It is normal to feel anger and frustration and yet look perfectly normal to anyone that does not know you.

But then…

The people that know you, understand you, can read you like a book. There are exceptions to this. However, with one look one can tell that you are not happy.

Maybe it is the food, the ambiance, the music or the person that served your meal. You will be upset, and angry and immediately want to leave. The ones close to you understand you and know when to leave you alone and when you need to talk. Because like you, they too are much like you.

We are alike to a certain degree. Mostly it is how can others push your buttons to get you to react. Yet in most cases, you do not. You will keep quiet and carry on.

The “you” I love.

You are patient and kind. Quiet, yet funny and at the same time stern. You have your ways, your hobbies your habits. You have your routine and do not wish to sway from it.

You radiate positivity and at the same time, you can read a room quickly. You are more complex than you lead others to believe.

You think so much more about others than others do. You wish to give and expect the same in return. You will remember everything. You will recall every word of things that are important to you. What you ate, said, where, and how. These little things matter.

Above all, you are a kind loving, and caring person that wishes nothing but the best for everyone else. Often you neglect your needs because of this…

“You” are much like me…

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