Welcome back, darkness.

How I love the dark, the depths of which I could reach… 

I welcome you back, it’s been a while. The sunshine and blue skies had won me over. I have missed you, my dear friend. The days and nights we’ve spent together were often ones I’d rather ignore. I now know you were never far… Deep in the recesses of my mind, you lurked and hid and forewarned me often, but I didn’t listen. You have been ignored, you have been silenced. 

Speak to me my old companion, tell me all that is on your mind. 

I welcome you always… My deepest thoughts, and to you, I thank my clarity. Your presence should bring tears to my eyes. I must admit I have been close, but you’ve taught me not to lose. I have reached out to you so we can chat. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and you can remind me why you are here. 

Yes, yes I know, when you reach out to me you have so much to say but I often neglect you, my friend. You have been right, correct so often, yet here we are once more. The dark clouds have hovered, I know. The rain and storm I thought were only the seasons changing. I was wrong and you were right. The thunder you brought was a warning. I should have listened, I shut you down, but you knew. The signs were there, you told me so… The gut feeling, the butterflies, the tingle I felt in the dark recesses of my mind. I knew it, I felt it, I heard you I swear. The truth hurts and cuts like a knife but life… I choose life instead of death. 

You give me strength and foresight, you give me hope. 

You tell me we have been here before. You give me resilience and embrace me with the delights of your darkness. Wrapped in your dark abyss I can see the stars. You are here for a reason, as a warning and forewarning. 

I need to learn to listen, I need to learn to feel. I need to know that you are near. My shadow, my consciousness, hold my hand and guide me with your comforting touch. We have been separated for too long, I now yearn for you and flourish once more. You by my side I feel strong, invincible, and powerful. Feed me with your darkness, fill me with your deepest, darkest, and most powerful beliefs. 

Let me weigh the good and the sinfulness you offer. I cocoon myself with your darkest thoughts. Force me to feel what I have been missing. Push, me shove me, show me how to see the slightest light in the darkest of nights. Support me, lift me up, set me straight. Don’t let me stray, stay close to me and help me heal. I have missed you, my friend, I truly have. Please don’t leave me in this mess. I will sleep and get some rest, stay by my side, hold me tight, and set things right… I’ll embrace you I promise you. 


Published by Zsolt Zsemba

Zsolt Zsemba has worn many different hats. He has been an entrepreneur, and businessman for over 30 years. Living abroad has given him many amazing experiences in life and also sparked his imagination for writing. After moving to Canada from Hungary at the age of 10 and working in a family business for a large part of his life. The switch from manufacturing to writing came surprisingly easily for him. His passion for writing began at age 12, mostly writing poetry and short stories. In 1999, the chance came to write scripts. Zsolt took some time off from his family business to write in Jakarta Indonesia for MD Entertainment. Having written dozens of soap operas and made for TV movies, in 2003 Zsolt returned to the family business once more. In 2018, he had the chance to head back to Asia once again. He took on the challenge to be the COO for MD Pictures and get back into the entertainment business. The entertainment business opened up the desire to write once more and the words began to flow onto the pages again. He decided to rewrite a book he began years ago. Organ House was reborn and is a fiction suspense novel while Scars is a young adult drama focused on life’s challenges. After the first two books, his desire to write not only became more challenging but enjoyable as well. After having several books completed he was convinced to publish them for your enjoyment. Zsolt does not tend to stay in one specific genre but tends to lean towards strong female leads and horror. Though he also has a few human interest books, he tends to write about whatever brews in his brain for a while.

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