Your Love Was a Lie…

The Untruth…

Were you lied to? Have you been lied to? You have, but you didn’t know it. This could be a business deal or the love of your life. Yet, there you were, with the wool over your eyes and blinders on. You didn’t see it coming. Oh no, you were there with this person on a pedestal. You were looking up at them thinking that yes, they are the one.

What you didn’t know is, that the love you thought they had for you was long gone. Water under the bridge and you missed the boat, but you had no idea. You communicated, loved, and cared the same way for the person but you were lied to. What you do not know, what they do not tell you is, how did it happen?

You are the Rotting fruit.

This is not a new thing… My ex-wife, my brother’s ex-wife, and the millions of exes that are out there. The one we all loved and cared for suddenly turned sour. Milk went bad, the rotting fruit we all became.

For whatever reason, the once shiny apple on the tree was now rotting in the grass below.

No longer wanted, no longer tasty, discarded, and possibly hated. Why couldn’t you have been told? Could all this have been worked out? Most of this is caused by your partner meeting someone else and thus you were probably cheated on or were about to be cheated on.

You are now a leftover.

That is how it feels to be dumped. Especially without notice. Being fired or let go, however, you wish to call it. You are not the leftover of the relationship, fired without explanation and left picking up the pieces. As my previous blog went…

Love Always Wins is a bloody lie!

I wrote my previous darker blogs on the plane ride to Bali. I have not been in touch with my DARKER side for a long time and for some reason it feels so good. It reaches deep inside me, I like being on the dark side.

The hardest part is…

Think about the love you once had. This is nothing new. Been happening for a few million years, I am sure. Millions of broken hearts on this planet and yet we all wonder what and where things went wrong. Why does one person choose to be the bad one and cheat, lie or deceive? People will only wander off if something is wrong in the relationship.  Often, they do not bother explaining their reasons. This is the hardest part.

You are left wondering if you had been cheated on and lied to.

Lied to for sure… Because you were told you were loved right up to the last or second last day. You may have made love the night before and kissed each other goodnight, only to be dumped the next day. This sign at the airport was a wonderful thing… Love does not win anything. Love is wonderful when you have it and absolute shit when you lose it.

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