Falling out of Love

I saw a sign.

On my way from Toronto Canada to Bali Indonesia, I spotted a mural on the airport wall. The sign read…

 “Love Always Wins” 

I stopped and took a picture of it. I didn’t give this much thought. I took the pic because of all the colors and I thought I could use it as a blog post.

As I scrolled through my phone on the ten-hour layover in Qatar. I looked at the photo and cropped and edited the color.  Then I gave this quote a little more thought.

Love Always Wins.

After about thirty seconds I realized this was a lie. Love does not win. Hear me out for a moment.  What does love win? Sure, we all know the meaning of it. Love conquers all, but it does not win anything.

Try telling someone with a broken heart that love wins. Try telling someone with a death in the family that it is ok, no worries because love always wins. It is all false. Love is a feeling and not an Olympic event. You do not win a prize by loving someone that does not love you back. Love means nothing when it is not mutual. So, what does love win? Nothing at all and no, love does not conquer all. It divides us all.

I love you and I love my team.

Oh, we can love a sports team to death. The team and the players do not know that they are loved. Oh no… All they know is, that your “love” pays them dearly. They do not know or care that you or millions of others love them.

The person you were in love with in high school or university didn’t even know you existed, no matter how much or how strong your love was for them.

Yet the sign said love always wins. It is all a lie, I tell you. Love only works when two people love each other and when it is mutual. In most cases, it is not. People can fall out of love.

Falling out of love.

How does it all work? One day you wake up and realize that you no longer love the person you woke up with. No, no, no… There were many precursors to that… There were signs, there were subtle hints… Or maybe they were not so subtle. Maybe you didn’t see the change in your partner.

“They” must have found something better, and nicer, and you are now on the receiving end of the stick. The shitty end of the stick.  You realize that your love towards them, your messages, texts, phone calls, and time meant nothing to them. Days, weeks, months, and years have passed, and you have been lied to for months. The many “I love you” and “I miss you” have been a lie. Love does not conquer all… Love and lack of that loving feeling will hurt.

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