Heading Back To #bali

Back to Bali.

It has been a great visit with friends and family. I feel I have accomplished so much yet the 2 weeks went by super-fast. There is never enough time… 

I assume this is the same for everyone. However, when you travel it seems to go especially quickly. So here I am on the way back and I have an 11-hour layover in Qatar. This is one of the longest layovers I ever had but so be it. I’ll make the best of it. I hope the internet works, since last time it was hit and miss. They said they were preparing for the World Cup and on top of that, they too have 5G service for cell phones like the Denpasar airport. Except my cell phone is not set up for roaming. Let’s hope the WIFI is working. 

I find the Qatar airport interesting.

It is not that it is so different or so much better. It is a normal place but lacks a few amenities that I have yet to discover. The nice sit-down place I found only served snacks and coffee. The others were fast food places and one of my credit cards refused to work there. Yes the amazing AMEX card said no, I am not paying for that. 

I didn’t have USD on me, so I prayed my Visa card would function and it did. Normally I do not like to work or write anything on the plane or at the airport. But 11 hours is a long time to kill. 

The People.

The people here are different, they carry themselves with pride and while they seem well groomed and well-spoken, I find there is a certain sternness about them. They are kind but serious as if they would not be able to take a joke. 

Why, so serious?

I am unsure but when I speak to them they seem to be all about business and the task at hand. This was the same on the airplane as well when I was on my way to Toronto. 

I asked for pancakes and they had run out. So I took the eggs and sausage. The guy apologized and gave me my breakfast. As the breakfast was wrapping up, he came back and said.

I have beef and pasta and more eggs.

I was full and it didn’t matter, he asked me about 3 times if there was anything else he could get me. He was dead serious, never smiled, and finally left me alone. As I wait at the airport I watch the hundreds, if not thousands of people from all walks of life make their way from one place to another. 

All kinds of people, exchange looks, glances, and currencies. It seems that the days of COVID are behind us and living is getting back to normal. 

I love to people watch and as I take in all that is going on, I quickly realize that I am not alone. The many people staring out into the lobby are most likely waiting for their connecting flights as well. If anything. I would love to have some entertainment. I am unsure of what it would be but something other than my phone would be great to help me pass the time. 


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