Taking a Break in #Canada. 13

The Flight Home.

My trip here was from Denpasar Bali to Qatar and Qatar to Toronto. I am having the same schedule heading back and it goes something like this.

A fourteen-hour flight from Bali to Qatar with a three-hour layover and then a ten-hour flight from Qatar to Toronto seems rather long. I don’t know if I have gotten used to it… My mind and body know how long the flight is and I settle into the comatose state so much that in Bali I have absolutely no recollection of the takeoff. I woke up at some point in the flight.

I assume that the trip to the airport at 10 pm and taking off at about 1:25 am had something to do with it. Didn’t matter, the ten-hour flight went by quickly.

Transiting in 3 hours.

One would think that three hours is a long time. Once you get off the plane and find a comfortable washroom to freshen up and brush your teeth, wash your face and get out to the main area time passes quickly.

Grabbing a coffee and a bite to eat also helps. Airplane food is not bad; however, it is better to have ground food versus airplane food. Soon it is time to find your gate if your gate has not been posted and your three hours are nearly up. Wander around a bit, check out a few stores, and pass through the gate security. Time flies and the next thing you know you are settled in with all the other herded sheep in your seat and ready for takeoff.

14 Hours as its Challenges.

This is the long one… I know what happens. I am fresh and though I should be trying to sleep I cannot. I watch a movie and maybe another between the meal service.

The lights dim and we are all supposed to be resting. However, the big thing here is, that the plane is full of people who have come from different time zones. Some are from India, Qatar, Europe, and Indonesia like me. Some are wide awake and some a completely knocked out as I was on the first flight.

I try and rest and sleep as much as I possibly can. However, most of the time it’s about dozing off and waking up to notice that I missed 20 minutes here and there of the Avengers. As we get closer and closer to Toronto, I get more and more sleepy. I do my best to sleep but I am also excited and cannot wait to get off the plane. This is the hardest time for me. The last few hours of the flight before I get to see my family. Since I travel with a backpack I head to customs and off I go to catch a ride with my son and head back home.


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