Taking a Break in #Canada. 8

This Personal Branding thing.

I am about to step it up. I was thinking today that when I worked at MD Pictures, I was always dressed in casual business clothes. I was happy to shed them when I worked at Jakarta Film Studios and happy to move to sandals and shorts in Bali.

Yet as I build this brand of mine and the brand is me, myself, and I. I feel I need to represent myself a bit better as things are escalating. Not all the time mind you but at times for the sake of business, I am going to be some special videos and photos to take this to the next step. At times I am going to have to look the part of the businessman I am. I feel I need to look the part for the followers and to be more trustworthy.

Dressing Me Up.

I hate wearing suits, so we will not go that far.  I am going to have to try to dress up. When I was dressed up as a pilot on two of my TikTok Live, the audience seemed to like it. So, I may as well try it for personal branding and see where things go. It seemed as if the uniform was working because everyone thought and some still think that I am a pilot. When I posted the photos on Facebook, even my close friends thought I was a pilot so why not try this and step things up? Time to dust off the dress shoes, and dress pants and get those shirts ironed so I can be back in business so to speak.

What I am missing in an office.

The one thing I am missing is an office. I do not have a corporate look at any places I know. I may need to actually look for an office-type location to make some content from.

While in Jakarta I always worked in an office. Now I do not have access to the same locations, at the moment it is a bit of a problem. Not so much for now but in the future, I would love to make some upscale business content.

I can picture myself in an office with a whiteboard drawing and scribbling along for the would-be audience. This is a whole plan of upselling the basic business model that we are pushing.


We feel that a few free webinars would be a way of upselling and moving us forward. Bring in clients and have them be involved in an information session. This is nothing new. However, combining the platforms is.

We want to bring in businesspeople and businesses, and help them create a marketable plan and social media. Have them be part of or an extension of our team and help us help them market the products they already produce. All the while, we would be building a brand and eventually the private label brand from existing products. The webinars and further business consultation is the way to go. Keep in mind we are focusing on the micro economy and small business here.

We can look at and take on larger businesses but that is not the focus here. The appreciation we get and the welcome we receive from the small businesses feel better than a corporate tap on the back.


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