Taking a Break in #Canada. 7

Short Window of Opportunity.

I don’t know why but connecting with my team in Bali and Jakarta seems hard. I guess I am an early bird when it comes to going to bed at 10 pm and they start late. Then when I am up at about 6 am they are winding down.

However, I do seem to get lots done during the day and it makes it easier to post content in the evening rather than the early mornings that I am used to. It seems that I like to get the posts and things up and out of the way and only focus on work for the rest of the time.

More Productive in the Morning.

I have always been one to get up early and get things done. I tend to work best between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm. That window gives me ample opportunity for creativity. If I push it, I can go full tilt until 5. However, I prefer to wind down in the early afternoon.

Not sure why but it seems to be the way for me and I love it. When I can focus and not get interrupted in that time frame, I am a happy camper.

So, this morning thing and the opposite time zone works well for me, but not so much for the full team. I have had a few zoom calls late at night and I am not a fan. Early morning ones work well but as I said they are winding down.

Full-Time Work from Canada?

Not sure if this would work. I can handle it for a short time, but I feel that it’s best to be in the same time zone. As my team pulls things together In Bali and Jakarta, I have been setting up YouTube and getting things organized for our e-commerce store.

This is a business venture that I have not taken on before and I am excited about it. Bringing vendors to our platform and taking products that need a home. So many business owners want to sell goods but do not have the knowledge of how to sell them. I think we should give them a helping hand. Bring goods to us and sell them on our platform. It is a win-win and we are still helping.  Setting it up and making it happen is a whole other thing.

I Need a Logo.

I am usually full of creativity but this one has me stumped. I want the name, the logo and the shop itself to be one with my brand on TikTok. The shop and store need to be an extension of me. I need to pull it all together so I have a brand, a look, and a feel that can also be translated to private-label products. Yet as creative as I am and as creative as I can be, I cannot seem to come up with a cool logo. I have plenty of ideas, and I have plenty of things laid out, but it is not jiving at the moment. Maybe a good night’s rest is all I need, sleep on the idea for a bit and I am sure I can get something going.


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