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Indonesia vs Canada Workers.

While this may or may not be a fair and just comparison, I must post this. If you have ever had the luck or opportunity to travel to Indonesia, I am sure you too picked up on this as well.

I have taken many flights from Bali to Jakarta and Jakarta to other parts of the world. There has always been a constant. The flight attendants in the air are by far much more polite than their western counterparts.

Not sure why this is but this is the truth. While the Indonesian attendants are always nearly apologetic when they talk to you… Their western counterparts are downright rude.

Why do You say That You Ask?

Simple. The western counterparts are slow, lazy, and rude. They seem to have the attitude that they are doing you a favor. The Asian ones are there to please. They speak nicely to the passengers; they take care of the passengers as a business should.

After all, they are in the hospitality business no matter how you look at it. I am sure this has to do with culture. I however think that the local flight attendants appreciate their job so much more than their North American counterparts.

It is in their nature to smile and to have a genuine interest in making you comfortable. Whereas the Air Canada flight I was on from Doha to Toronto, they were rude and made sure you knew who the boss was.

Separating the Two.

While your experience may differ, my flight from Bali to Doha was very different from my flight from Doha to Toronto.

The flight from Bali to Doha was pleasant, the attendants were polite, understanding, and above all very clean. I saw the staff bending down and picking up small items off the floor on more than one occasion. They were courteous, understanding, and nice,

My next flight was operated by Air Canada. The negativity and entitlement came immediately, along with a lack of caring and understanding.  The seat covers didn’t look good, they gave me the shivers.  I was assured that they will all go in what looks like a time capsule and be laundered virtually at some point during the day. One flight attendant stepped over a pillow that was dropped.

Let’s go Flying.

While we managed to take off and land, I had to take off and land again in Toronto. The staff on my second flight were rather large, rude, and obnoxious. The large part is just that, however, the rudeness and entitlement must be taken into consideration. The employees from one flight to another, can and will change.

Bali to Doha was great. Unfortunately, I had to change flights. Doha to Toronto exposed a different side of flight attendants. Ones who tend to each other and do not treat their job as a job. This is easier said than done, I am sure.


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