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Answering a friend’s Call.

I have touched on my friends in Kintamani Bali before. The other day he called and asked if I could change his website, and add something different to it. 

This seemed easy enough and I asked him what he wanted. He sent me a link and I said I would look into it. What seemed very simple to both of us, is not as simple as one may think. 

There is a website, go click on the pic and go, go go.

That’s simple one may think. Yet this link he sent me had other links that went to an online booking experience and he does not know how to handle such things. Plus it is not easy to set it up.

Dumb it down. 

Instead with a click on the experience, it will lead the possible clients directly to a WhatsApp number. This is a much more direct and personal way to get in touch with the owners. 

It is also a little bit more intrusive since you are in direct contact with the client and do have a buffer between you and them. At times it is nice to be able to get back to a person later, especially on a weekend. 

The other solution to this is to have a second phone so you can keep your business and personal life separate. Either way, it works. A second phone is a little bit more costly and works better with an administrator or a secretary. 

It’s Personal.

Another interesting thing here is that my local friends all want to meet. They want to meet, drink coffee and discuss things that they can send me by message or email. 

This must be the same reason they feel less comfortable with the online world. Even for payment, they want to meet and pay you in cash. Now we do offer several services for free. However, when they want a proper domain we do charge for those types of things. Yet for every change and every update they prefer to meet. 

Cash is king in their world and so is a coffee and a cigarette. This a very local thing to do and I feel that this is cultural. Most people would prefer to meet and discuss. This also slows down the workday. How many meetings can you squeeze into a day versus 20 emails sent out in a matter of hours? 

I am away.

When I told my friend I was leaving for two weeks, he immediately asked how I was going to get all his work done. I assured him all would be well. 

Working remotely is not their thing. They are old-fashioned people as much as some people are old-fashioned in North America. The main difference here is that they are in their late twenties as opposed to being old-fashioned in their sixties and seventies. 

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