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What’s on Telegram?

So with basic lessons on the way, I am stressing how important it is for people to know about your business. One thing is to drop the pins on Google maps. What they do not tell you is how to claim that pin. 

How is a simple person to know about claiming that pin? By filling out the form and waiting for a physical letter to arrive in the mail? Who gets mail these days? Then going back to that pin and entering a code to own a dropped pin seems silly.

There must be an easier way. I don’t know of one. Yet here I am trying to explain this to a person that has very little education. I am trying hard to explain how all this goes. 

So simple yet not.

With the basics set up, one can at least get their business noticed but here are the parts that are missing. The free advertising that is available to everyone requires work. 

Most of this work is following up on Google reviews. Posting content that your business or personal brand needs. Suddenly all this has become extra work that most businesses cannot afford and do not know what to do. 

This is where businesses fall apart and do not know how to maintain their basic traffic, likes, and shares on nearly all social media accounts. 

There needs to be a plan. 

Planning content and postings on all platforms needs work that most people are ill-prepared to do. This is why they need to source things out and have a basic plan.

The older generation is not capable of comprehending all that. They do not know how pictures and videos will drive business.

My food is good, people like it, they come eat. 

That would have been the old days. Word of mouth is still the best but shared content is even better. This concept of going viral and getting noticed is difficult to understand. 

Tying it all together. 

This is a problem for nearly all businesses. The better you are at the social media aspect, the more you will get noticed. Yet the better you are, the more consistent you need to be to keep the algorithms going. Explaining that to someone has to be the hardest thing to do, especially when they are older business people. 

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