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The Master Plan. 

As we bring people on board we are making plans to solidify their businesses with social media and website help. These minor improvements will give them and their brand identity. We will of course not be doing all the work. Guiding and nurturing the business is something we can help with.

Doing the work and following the plan will be up to the individual. It will all come down to how badly they want their business to succeed. Without the hard work, they would not have a business, so by reaching out and asking for help they have taken steps in the right direction.

What Will They Need to Do?

This is an easy answer. Follow the plan and the path we laid out. Is it easy? 

No, life and work are never easy but you’ve come this far, why stop now? 

Unless you give it that one last push and give it your all, you will never know the outcome. For some, this seems to be the last kick at the can, while others are starting and have the full entrepreneurial force behind them. Driven and determined people will get the job done. This is only a matter of time. How long they can last and how hard one will work will be determined by the individual. 

The Individual.

This is a tough one. We need to take a serious look at each person we talk to. We need to make sure that they are who they say they are and that the proper licenses are in place. 

Anyone that knows Indonesia also knows that there are individuals that cannot be trusted and that goes for any country. Indonesia has a reputation for misrepresenting certain facts, ownership of businesses, and scams. I have been lucky to have worked with good people. That does not mean I do not check and double-check the facts and it does not mean you shouldn’t either. 

The Business.

There are plenty of imported items in Indonesia. One crucial thing is that we are supporting local businesses in Indonesia and we support the little guy. We do not want big businesses to be taking advantage of the little guys.

In fact, I am advocating that big businesses should support little businesses. If your business is stable and performing well, why not give back? This is what I am doing. I am giving back and yes working for free in many cases. This is how my journey began. Call me a fool for working for free but I am not crazy. Giving back and watching others succeed is what this is all about. 

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