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I am so Lost.

I received a message today on Instagram. A lady from Jakarta was asking for my help. Seems that she has been trying to get her small clothing business off the ground. 

However, she was asking if I could help without giving any information about the business. I had to ask if it was online or offline, what kind of clothing, and where her shop was. Well, she answered me in bits and pieces. In the end, she replied.

I am so lost.

That right there was enough to tell me that she was:

  1. Probably not a good candidate to help in the first place.
  2. She was lost and needed a push in the right direction.
  3. She needed help to sort things out. 

The Pride of Helping.

When people reach out like that, I often feel sorry for them because on many occasions they have either invested a considerable amount of money have lost a considerable amount of money.

Either way, they are desperate for help. How can we turn away people like that? Let’s take a look at what they have, and what they want. It could be pandemic related, it could be personal issues or a lack of effort.

Usually, it is a lack of knowledge of how things work because her little “business” has no social media, not even an Instagram account. I will follow up and ask for some photos and see where that takes me.

So Many Questions.

I could spend all day on the phone and still not have enough time to answer the people that are requesting help. At times it seems that people need someone to talk to and set them on a path of acting in their own best interest. 

This seemed intriguing to me. I mean all these people needed was to be told to go do something. Their business and their money were on the line yet they were afraid. Most of the simple things they need to do not cost a penny. With all the questions coming at me, I feel that there is so much to teach even though I am not a teacher.


That is it… Life is all about experience and looking at things from an experienced point of view. Yet I can still miss something, because of a lack of information and or lack of communication. 

If you do not tell the doctor all your problems, they can only treat the problems they know of. Many women for some reason seemed to have lost their husbands. Many women are single moms and that is most likely my demographics on my TikTok and Instagram. 

This with a whole lot of nothing in the ways of business is what I am dealing with each day. Slowly and I mean very slowly we are setting people straight. 

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