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Business Indonesia.

This ride that I am on now seems like the beginning of a rollercoaster ride. I am climbing and climbing the TikTok track while at the same time, trying to look back at the ground to see how far I have come. 

In the meantime, I am worried about going higher and higher and I fear the ride itself. 

I am desperately preparing the team to help with the fear I have in this business amusement park. Not because I fear the ride itself. I am afraid I will let people down. Having 400 people asking for help is scary. 

The Ride is Moving.

As this ride moves on, I need the maintenance people, the service people, and the helpers to keep his roller coaster moving. It is a learning curve for sure. Yet with the right people, we can bring in the experts to help in all aspects of this. 

This is where I feel I have the advantage. I have access to people. I have the knowledge to make it happen but I cannot do it alone. Websites, packaging, product knowledge, and quality all need to be pulled together and suppliers need to be vetted. 

Done, done, and done. What’s not done is that we need to gather info and data. Locations products and figuring out what everyone’s position will be in operating this ride. 

Up, up and Away.

We all know that we cannot always go up. We either level off or go down. Like the stock market, we will fluctuate. However, the idea to keep in mind is that we are helping. 

This is how this started. I wanted to help. All of a sudden the floodgates opened up and here I am with over 20 thousand followers and over 400 people/businesses seeing help. If our team can help only 100 of those people we will affect thousands of lives. This gives me goosebumps and makes me feel damn good. 

I am left wondering why many others do not have the heart or willpower to reach out and help. If this could catch on as COVID did, we would be able to help millions. 

Back to Work.

My team will grow and we will bring more people on board. Right now we are sort of free labor until we build this venture into a business and find our way through the sudden mess we are in. 

I hope people will be patient and understanding in the process. We all need to be kind to each other. I hope that as we grow this networking style connection, we as individuals will grow each other’s business with support, kindness, and understanding. Only by working together will we make this venture happen. 

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