Business Indonesia. 2

Business Indonesia.

Now before everyone jumps on my back for the observations I have come up with, please hear me out. My information has come firsthand. It is not hearsay nor did I read it someplace.

This information is sent to me on Google forms and in chat so I cannot argue any statistics or facts, nor do I want to. My information is all I have and I believe it covers all of Indonesia because my audience seems to be from all over the country.

From Denpasar, Surabaya, Semarang, Solo, Yogjakarta, Jakarta, Bandung, Lampung, Pontianak, Batam, NTT, and many other places that I would need to look up. 

The Number and Information do not Lie.

I am not blaming anyone. Let’s make that clear. The last few years have been unprecedented but it has sure taken its toll on the little guys. While the large companies were not without suffering, I have seen and visited the small places in Bali where the community relies on even the smallest income. 

From the gathering and selling of driftwood on the beach to coconuts being gathered. This was tough for everyone. I hope I can do my tiny little part in helping these small micro-economy businesses. 

I am but one person. I am trying to build a team and it is not easy to get people to work for free. It is free for now until we expand my business model into something that will also generate a profit while helping locals. 

Our Model Does Not Hurt The Little Guys.

I have worked with large greedy corporations. I will not become one of them… There is no reason to hurt anyone, any business or individual. 

The goal is to network with large groups of people and bring them together in a way where we help. Help in growth, help in funding through sales and marketing. No one will get a free ride. This is not a ship to jump on and we all give away money.

This is teaching and educating on the job, helping small businesses grow into bigger ones or at least more sustainable businesses. 

Lack of Understanding.

This is the big goal here. Bring on businesses and start loading their products smartly and efficiently to their social media platforms and ours. 

Begin to expand the world that they are in currently. One thing everyone needs to understand is this. Indonesia is a large territory and because of the many small islands, it is hard to take a brand national from islands thousands of kilometers from Jakarta. 

This is a challenge when voting when traveling and of course for business. E-commerce makes this a bit easier but one needs to know how and what to do to reach potential customers across the country. 

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