Business Indonesia. 1

Business Indonesia.

Switching this up a little. I must address what I am learning online, maybe others can benefit. It is also a great way to document these daily verses from memory. 

The amount of people reaching out is overwhelming as I mentioned before. I have more people reaching out for sponsorship as well. So far I am doing this for free. For one, I can and two, I don’t feel I am a big enough account to charge for anything at the moment. 

In the meantime, plans are on the way to monetize the information. While I cannot give away our plan we are helping and making a difference, one person at a time. 

How are the people?

For one, people contact me apologetically. I mean apologizing. 

Hi sir, sorry to bother you but I need help with this or that. 

They are contacting me with respect, hoping I can contact them and help them with sales, business, and marketing. Some have amazing products where they have invested money into marketing and sales. Some are home industries that seek help in making a living or adding to their income. It is hard to figure out who is who and what they need.

This is where the team comes in, This is where the Person In Charge will make a difference. Almost like case workers we will be assessing each individual and seeing if it is worth our time. 

I have made a difference. 

I have seen small businesses grow in one visit. In one visit I have been able to change the life of a family who was struggling with their business. 

There is a story about Bu Dewi in an earlier blog and this is the impact we can have. I mentioned earlier what can social media do… It can be a lot and at the same time fall flat on its face because of posting something at the wrong time. A hit and miss most of the time, but when it hits it hits. With over 227K on my first video, it was a hit. Many others have reached over 10, 15, and 30 thousand as well. So yes the word is getting out but now we need to keep up.

The Variety of goods and businesses.

I have been sent everything from dry goods like coffee, salt, sugar, and coal, to sauces, drinks, and products such as chocolate, candy, and yogurt. 

Some of these need a serious looking into but even if only half are legit and only a small percentage of those businesses are worthy of taking to the market or worthy of a hand up then why not. 

Today we are still scrambling and I hope that before the weekends, I can sort things out. I will need a personal assistant to help out with things if this keeps up but so far it’s been a hell of a ride!

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