Coconut Processing. Bali Indonesia 46

I got to work in a coconut processing location.

I got to work at a coconut processing location. The coconut husks are removed here, and the coconuts are then taken to be made into oil, charcoal, etc.

One coconut from the forest is worth 10 to 15 cents. When the work is done, they are sold for 25-30 cents.

Each person processes about a thousand coconuts per day and gets paid $20. They do not work every day but do manage 4-5 days a week. I tried it, it’s not about strength, but skill and technique. I am sure the safety standards in Canada would prevent me from standing in front of a spear that could kill me. Oh, and I did wipe out on the coconuts. All good though.

Interestingly, all the workers but one is a woman.

I do not know why, nor did I want to ask. Husking these coconuts and bending all day is not an easy task. Most have their arms and wrists bandaged up with a cloth. It is their form of tensor bandage I assume.

Working through up to 1000 coconuts per day will surely take its toll on the body. Yet my visit was fun, the ladies all laughed at me and loved the fact that I tried.

I was at it for about 20 min in total, while we shot the video. I was covered in sweat. Needless to say, I was not prepared for the task at hand.

The owner.

Bu Desa who owns this place has two locations and has been at this for 15 years. She employs 8-10 people in total. The trucks come and go, and coconuts are worked per order.

The coconuts are collected by the locals in the jungle and brought to this site where they are paid for them. In many ways, this is recycling because otherwise, the nuts would go bad and rot. Locals wander into the jungle, where all kinds of animals reside. I did see one small snake but there are some massive ones… So, I have heard, I do not want to see one.

What I learned.

My Airbnb host is also a priest, he has a large amount of land, part of which I am residing on. The coconut trees are planted by cutting off the top of the nut, I am unsure of the exact details. Then they are planted 30 cm or so in the ground. If you miss this process the nut grows on top of the soil and is not as sturdy.

The trees take about 4 years to bear fruit and grow 10-15 meters in height.

There are many different fruits on the property, and it seems impossible to eat all of them. They do sell the fruit to the local markets. Nothing here goes to waste.

I had fun.

I had fun working here for a day, but I tell you this is hard work. At the same time, it keeps the whole community active. From the harvesting of fruit to beach cleanup these people keep active and eat healthy food.

I loved my stay here, learned so much. I hope to return soon, to meet up with all my friends in Balian Beach Tabanan.


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