Last Week in Tabanan. Bali Indonesia 44

The Last Week in Tabanan. 

This is my last week in Tabanan. It has been quite the journey, I have loved getting to know people in the community. So far the community and Tabanan the village, I’m staying in, has been absolutely amazing.

I think the biggest thing for me is the sense of community. There are chores to be done and people get together for clean-ups of the beach, and prayers at the temple. What I have found is that there’s peace amongst everybody and they are happy, although I’m sure they have their own problems. 

Kids Can be Kids!

This is a place where children run free, play on the beach, get dirty, and muddy yet no one gets upset. It’s part of life and getting together for sunset is something that everybody enjoys. The other interesting part was that everybody brings snacks, but not the type of snacks that you and I would think of, it’s fruit.

The kids run around on the beach, collecting wood, playing with sticks, riding in the sand, and getting all dirty in general playing in the river it’s all part of life.

Much Like Rural Places in North America.

I think of myself as coming from Toronto. It’s a big city, yet I lived in Caledon, a smaller community outside of Toronto. It feels more like the countryside in North America, with less competition here and everybody’s happy with what they have. It’s all they can get, as there is very little job hunting here. There is nothing that to strive for that is out of their league because they will not attain it.

What I have found is that what little they have doesn’t mean that they’re poor. They are content and it’s a big difference from what I found in other places in the world. When the community gets together, they share everything from food to fish and collecting of firewood and wood for recycling and decoration.

Great Community.

They consider the beach is there a beach it’s the community is the temple near there where they do the prayers it’s considered their beach. People are welcome to use it or borrow it to surf on the waves, but it’s considered theirs.

I have worked in a laundromat, done interviews, and met some very interesting people. Today I’m going to work in the coconut factory and I’m ready to get dirty.

People say that my hands will be sore and I’m sure I’ll be sweating like a pig but I’m going to have fun. All this is going to go into the blog, onto my TikTok and I’m going to live like a local which I’ve been doing as best as I could up to now.

From riding a scooter, and mixing and mingling with local villagers, it has been quite the adventure in Tabanan. I look forward to my next stop, which is to be in Jimbaran Bali.


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