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My top free online tools.

As I get deeper and deeper into the comments on TikTok, the more I sense that there is a very basic need for online education. People are asking questions that have very simple answers, yet they do not know. I am not quite sure how this applies to the rest of the world but here is my take on the very basic online tools. With an abundance of online tools and most out for free the only excuse for not being able to do what you want is laziness.

Google, love them or hate them…

It is all there before you in the lovely Google colors and it’s free. That should be the end of the tutorial. Go online, go to YouTube and browse the millions and millions of hours of content. If you are not lazy you will learn a thing or two. I do, I did, and will continue to do so.

Yes, I am sending people away from my platform to theirs. I cannot and do not want to reproduce the content that they have made. Yet I am somewhat forced to because my viewers I assume are lazy.

Google has it all, nicely gift-wrapped and ready for you to make nearly anything you need for a business.

Canva, love it or hate it.

It seems nearly impossible that this is for free. Yet it is and I use it all the time. For basic logos and basic graphics, this tool is incredible. Yes, there are limitations, but for the average person or business user, this tool will do.

Now that they have added a decent video editor, now that you can record your voice, there is not much Canva cannot do. You can also make a resume, menu, logos, book covers, and so on. There is no excuse for anyone, if you need more than that then you need a pro. So do it yourself or get a pro to do it but it is there if you need it. With the QR code feature, you can look like a pro without spending a penny. So why not give it a try?

Next up is VN.

This tool is a simple video editor that is available for your phone or in my case my Mac. Yes, the free version has 100 projects for free. I get around it by making myself a template and reusing the layout. I download the video and make a new one.

This is a basic video editor that once more easily suits small business and influencer needs. Unless you are a pro there is little need for anything else and best of all it’s free.

Yes, you do need to learn it and it is not hard at all. The best advice I have is to use it and learn by making mistakes. Once more there are thousands of tutorials on how to use it on YouTube.

This is the next point, YouTube.

For nearly anything from how to fix a refrigerator to how the satellites work, you will find it on YouTube! Why do people ask me silly questions when they can ask YouTube instead? Laziness I assume.

But there it is, my top tools for nearly everything in my content creation. I am not going to recommend tools and go into features.  I have a whole page of links that I use to help with background removal, voice enhancement, and more. Have fun and learn online.

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