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My Next steps.   

What are the next steps on TikTok?  So far what I’ve done is, create a video that encourages people to open businesses. I’ve interviewed people who have started businesses and are continuing to do business. Though the business may not be a North American standard, they’re like home businesses. Yet their home businesses are products that we would never ever attempt to make ourselves. We would not have this little shop, making custom sandals and have people selling it for us, because we wouldn’t know where to get those sandals, they would have to be made in China or overseas. Where here, they are made in local shops. All along the streets are little shops, some make the sandals, and some stores sell the sandals. That’s the way the business is run. 

This is what kind of puzzles me about this whole business model that I’ve accidentally stumbled into. Indonesian small business is very very small, yet even smaller businesses like these little shops, supplying sandals to these other little stores have immense potential. When I sit there and look at a sandal, I’m thinking…

You could make maybe one style of sandal make it really good make it really unique and take some beautiful professional photos.

Creating a Brand.

Marketing them in the right way they have the potential to be big. They have the potential for production, if they can’t be produced in the local little shop, they could go to other places in Java, where they could be made for possibly even less cost with a larger labor force. 

This whole little business thing I stumbled onto, I’ve been offered everything from sandals, bags, clothes, sugar, oil, land, and 1 million other items that I totally forget what they are.  The point is that there’s a massive amount of people willing to put in the work to get these little businesses up and running, they just don’t know how, but they have ideas. I want to cook; I want to sell bags but that’s it. They take the bag, and try to sell it to their friends, but their market is limited. As opposed to branding it a little bit and making this business a legit business. This is the information I’ve gathered on TikTok, and surprisingly, I find myself wanting to help these people, wanting to make the product better, and more efficient than not working on the floor. Start businesses that have an actual viable future and could actually generate a profit because these people make a living even despite themselves, despite the fact that they have no knowledge, on how to run a business. 


So, the next steps on TikTok for me will be to try and guide these now almost 5500 followers I gained in a week and nearly 200,000 views that have been watched from my content. The people are immensely responsive in the chat, they’re wanting to know more, it’s almost like the Internet before me had not existed for them, which is absurd, but it feels like the information I’m giving them they’ve never heard before. I don’t know why that is I don’t know if it’s a lack of education or lack of energy maybe on their part. I’m not really sure where to go with it after. I’m just going to keep giving them hints using other businesses to draw from. Using them as examples of people that can do it and people that have done it. Encouraging them because at the end of the day, Indonesia has over 300 million people. There’s a huge amount of resources here, and I think the future of business here will be the power of small business. 

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