Where TikTok Takes me. Bali Indonesia 36

 On the way to Bu Dewi. 

I rode my scooter through the Bali countryside, I awaited my next meeting. These are always fun, I never know where I will end up. I could be driving down a dead-end street and the next be out in the rice fields.  

In this case, I ended up at a very small family-owned factory. The term factory is used sparingly here. It was a large family compound of about 3000 square meters. The front of which had a shack of about 10 meters by 10 meters. The walls and the roof is constructed of corrugated metal. Upon pulling up I didn’t expect much of a factory to begin with but this was rather small.  

Meeting Bu Dewi and Pak Rio. 

This was a family business and it showed. The wife Dewi contacted me on TikTok and asked for help. Here I was as they invited me to the back of the compound.  

They did have a restaurant but it closed with Covid so they tried to make a go of it with a furniture business Pak Rio’s father had. This was the reason for me to be here. Let’s help this business…  

Bu Dewi was eager to learn and we jumped right into it. But after we did our content we talked. I feel this is what the video should be and not the content I post. Yet most people will not watch the most interesting parts.  

The Compound. 

In this Balinese compound, lives 70 people. Yes, 70 people. Ages 8 to 80 and all lived in their little homes in a large Balinese-style setting. They have lived here for generations and will continue to do so as the family expands.  

This way of living has many benefits. Most of these homes are paid off and are easy to maintain. The family can get by on very little since these roofs over their heads are paid for. It was easy to see how the lack of education and the lack of knowledge can simply pass over to the entire family. I am proud of Bu Dewi for reaching out to me and letting me help her. My assistance with her business can raise the wealth of her compound considerably. This is where I began to think even deeper.  


I am helping not only one or two people. I am helping so many people at the same time. Up to now, I have helped out about 10 different people.  

But as I see in this case, it goes way past that. It didn’t dawn on me until I walked into this compound. I can see how a little goes a long way and how mutual respect goes even further.  

During my ride home, I felt happy with myself. I felt as if I have accomplished something even though I did very little. I felt I am able to build a bigger and better business for these people and others, one interview at a time.  

I hope they follow through with their plans and promote their business a little more. 

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