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Life in Tabanan update. 

Certain things in life are a given. Love, death, happiness, sadness, joy, tears, and heartbreak would also be on the top of that list.  

At the moment, I will confess I am in the joy part of my journey. Part of that has to do with experiences. Being in a foreign country and scooting around on my scooter from place to place has given me insight into a very different world. 

While I would say this is a personal journey, I also feel it is an enlightening one. Mostly because I am welcomed everywhere. I must say that I get such a kick out of this… Sometimes I say hello to the grumpiest looking man. However, when I say hello to them in their language they smile and suddenly, I am accepted. 

Welcoming people. 

While I will blog about this later, I was invited to a temple by my Airbnb host. I wanted to experience the local ceremony, so I took the chance, more on that later. 

Yet the best part was that once the word got around that I can speak the local language I had several people come up to me and we chatted.  

At the end of the ceremony, Pak Agung came up to me and said, “you are now part of the family” While the little voice inside my head went to “So are you going to charge your family rent.” I of course thanked him so much for the opportunity to take part in the ceremony. 

Not like church. 

While this is religious, and I had to wear a sarong and do the prayers with the locals it was very different than a church. Yes, there is a dress code. Sarongs are a must and women cannot enter during their menstrual cycle.  

The vibe is calm and relaxed, welcoming, and children along with dogs run around the temple. The families do not seem artificial and pretentious. There is a calmness about them and with the ceremony. Not preaching, God this and God that and Jesus this and all the commercialized aspects of the religions I know.  As I chatted with locals, they warmed up to me quickly and random people came to talk to me. 

One little girl. 

One of the locals was taking care of a young girl who is 13. She spoke to me in fluent English and a slight accent. Her parents work on a cruise ship and travel around the world. She is taken care of by her grandparents and of course, misses her mom and dad.  

Locals sometimes do this, I will have a similar story on another person I met at the ceremony as well. This little girl is without her parents for nearly 6 months at a time. Yet she knows and fully understands that her parents are working to provide for her. This is also made possible by the Balinese way of life.  

Living in large compounds with several small buildings on them, the Balinese live a very simple yet structured life. They do not fall into the many traps that their North American counterparts do. 

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