The last Blog from Ubud. Bali Indonesia 29

My last day here.

First of all, I would like to say thank you to Pak Made. Mr. Made at MM House in Ubud. I spent the month at his location, which overlooks the beautiful rice field in the blog. I have a Tik Tok video with him as well. If you are ever in Ubud and need a place to stay, give him a shout. 

So, this is it, the last blog from Ubud. My first long-term stay in Ubud and let’s say that my review of Ubud is a positive one. I am sure it’s not just me, but I found it to be refreshing.  

I mean that in both the weather and the area itself. I love the Bukit and Jimbaran area. I love the views overlooking the island and the fact that I know the area.  

Ubud was very new for me, but I felt good despite being out of my element. I am a fish out of water in more ways than one. I am far from fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, the Indonesian language.  With a little help from the locals who usually understand a word or two, I have made it.  

What makes Ubud special? 

For me, it was a touch less traffic because I was not right in Ubud. I wouldn’t want to be in the thick of things. It’s too busy. I am not a drinker or a bargoer so being out from Central Ubud suited me just fine.  

Nothing is far, I was 11 minutes from the downtown area of Ubud. I did have to visit when my Mac called it quits on me. I have been meaning to get this laptop fixed but I always put it off. I was sure that Ubud would have been the last place I would have the battery replaced but I did.  

A small local shop did a great job, and I had the laptop back before I could finish my apple crumble and latte. I was halfway done when they messaged me that I could pick it up. So, there you have it. All you writers with Macs, I’ve got you.  

Meeting locals. 

I have several blogs where I met locals here. It has been a wonderful experience. Even today, I had to get the oil changed on my scooter and a couple of guys in the shop had it done in five minutes and $5 Canadian later I was gone.  

It’s the simplicity of many things here that are simply awesome. Sure, there is traffic, but it comes in spurts. There are barely any lineups anywhere.  

With a million little restaurants, there is always a unique place to visit and eat at. There are no nightclubs here, those are reserved for the Kuta, Seminyak, and Canggu areas.  

So, what’s in Ubud? 

Lots of fun and quirky places… That is the quick answer. The longer one is… Many rice fields surround Ubud though there are bigger areas such as Tabanan and Jati Luwih which is a UNESCO site.  

The pace of life in Bali is slow in general. It is even slower here in Ubud. Things get done, like my laptop and oil change. The most amazing thing I found in Ubud was the amount of hidden little places. One truly needs to look for and zoom in on Google maps to find some hidden gems.  

These little places and restaurants that belong to villa complexes or small resorts have amazing views. Tanahdewah was one such place for example. A boutique hotel with incredible views. Or Bebek Sari which is an incredible restaurant that is so worth the trip if you are here.  

Where to next? 

Well, I have picked out a place in the Balian area of Tabanan. I am somewhat at the base of a mountain and yet 14 min walk to the beach. I am sure I will visit the beach quite often and have more adventures to tell once I am settled in. 

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