Living a Nomadic Life. Bali Indonesia 26

Being a nomad in Bali.

What is it like to not have a home? Let me clarify… It’s been nearly four years since I left Canada. It was to be a year of living and working abroad. Life, being life that was extended a little, and then COVID happened.  

With COVID and the lockdowns, I remained in Jakarta. In the process, like many other companies, we restructured. Work from home became a thing and travel became nonexistent. We all know the story all too well.  

With that said, I do have a home in Canada. It is a condo that overlooks Lake Ontario and a bit of the downtown skyline. However, life is life, we all do what we need to.  

Heading to Bali. 

My life goal and the dream was to eventually retire in Bali. That was accelerated a little by taking on a position in Bali with a skincare company.  

Here is where the nomad life comes in. While I do own a home in Canada, and I am not stuck in Bali, it has become home. In the meantime, I have changed jobs and do freelance that allows me to travel on the Island and that is what I am doing.  

I planned to rent something as a yearly rental. I was close to signing a yearly deal when the idea came to me. Rather than being locked to one place, I decided to move around. 

Living out of a backpack. 

I have a large suitcase that holds all my belongings in Bali. However, I move about the island with two backpacks. The other day my laptop died, and I realized, my whole life is in that thing. This is true. I have backups online and on an external hard drive, but my life is in and on my laptop.  

What is it like to live out of two backpacks? Since my divorce and the closure of my family business, I have downsized and downsized. From a house to a condo in Toronto and trust me that is a big move. Then I moved to Jakarta and gave away a pile of things. I lived out of a suitcase and my backpack in Jakarta. Now I am down to two backpacks. Oh, and the space under the seat of my scooter also counts since I usually stuff a pile of things there. It is quite amazing how little we can get by with. Also, how little we actually need when we think about it.  

Nomad is amazing. 

As seen, if you follow the blog, I get to meet some amazing people and be able to write about my experiences. I have moved from central Bali to Jimbaran and then north to Ubud. The next stop is very northwest and near to the beach in the Balian area of Bali. Now for one, Bali is set up for this 100%. The surfers and the backpackers do this all the time. For as little as $12 a night one can get a bed to sleep on and spend little to no money on food if you are happy to grab bananas off the trees by the side of the road. I am not quite there yet.  

Nomad it is for now. I will be moving this weekend to the other side of the island, out to the country and near the beach. While it is interesting to live out of two backpacks, Bali offers laundry service on nearly every street corner. There are little shacks of local food everywhere. In preparation, I have reused coffee jars and filled them with oatmeal as well as sugar. I have a small jar of salt and pepper as well. I have my own mug and I take whatever food I may have in the fridge. The rest is in the backpacks. One sweater, it gets cold on the scooter at times, and to prevent sunburn. The rest are clothes, phones, and chargers.  

Consumables are easy to replace. As long as I have my laptop, my phone, and friends I visit on weekends, I am a happy nomad, homeless in Bali. 

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