Don’t put things off, tomorrow may never come. 

Appreciate the little things.

Today I went to grab lunch at a small restaurant near me in Ubud. Just goes to show you that a simple Google and a few photos are not enough in today’s world. 

The map showed the restaurant and the lovely views so I took off on my scooter. My backpack as always was filled with my laptop, chargers, two phones, and my glasses are a must. I never know where I will end up. 

Having two phones sucks but it’s the only way to separate business from personal use. My battery on the Mac is dead, it will last about 15 seconds without the charger. Same deal with the other phone, so it always needs to be near a charger or very little use before it dies. I had to bite the bullet on the new iPhone because it was simply a necessity. 

Off I went.

As I said, I never know where I will end up. This time I visited Sommy restaurant in Ubud and wouldn’t you know it, it was part of a small resort. 

There were individual cabins in the middle of a rice field and the restaurant belonged to the resort. No matter, I was impressed by the view and as seen in the photo. I am sure the locals think the rice fields look nice. When I was a kid I loved the rolling hills of corn fields and how we used to run around and get lost in them. Somehow, this all feels different and this leads to an interesting chat with Pak Made or Mr. Made.

Never explore Bali.

As I mentioned, I was getting ready to leave for lunch, when Mr. Made stopped me. He is a very gracious host and I like to chat with him.

He casually asked where I was headed, and I said I was going for lunch he told me of a place where the locals like to go. This was not the point. I check out from this lovely little place on September the third 2022. I was telling him I want to go to Candidasa. It is a sleepy little town near the ocean and he said it is a lovely place. 

While talking, I told him how members of my small team never get out and explore Bali. 

For example, the places we shot content and social media videos for villas and clients were about an hour and a half from my team’s home. When they said they have never been I was shocked. I mean Uluwatu is by the cliffs with incredibly stunning sunsets. Yet my husband and wife team had never been. 

Bedugul, a place that I have written about several times was so far off their radar that they had only gone there when we took some photos for an Airbnb villa. Feel free to check out that link. 

We think we have time.

We all do it. We procrastinate and wait, we put things off another day and we plan for tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come. A friend of the family was in Thailand, he stepped off the curb, looked the wrong way, and got hit by a bus. 

To this day his wife feels he is alive and does not believe his death because she never got to say goodbye. A sad story to end the blog on but such is life. I told my team that they are living in Bali, Island of the Gods and they have seen way less of it than I have. 

I am their tour guide and I am the one who makes them get out of the house and that is because of work and the content we are shooting for others. Don’t put things off, tomorrow may never come. 

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