All I will ever be. Bali Indonesia 12

This is all I will ever be. 

Those words are taboo, never to be spoken by anyone in the “modern” world. But this is the truth about many people on this planet.  

Most people who live in the modern world are told that they can be anything. Heck, you can even be a man a woman, or anywhere in between. We won’t get into that today.  

As Iluh cleaned my little place in Ubud today, I looked at her and asked myself… “I wonder if she knew?” Does she know, has she ever been told that she can be more than a maid, a cleaner, or a staff for this little place I am staying in? 

No, she has not. 

The one thing we need to understand is contentment. When these local people find a job, they will work at this job until they get old or the job no longer exists.  

They do not know that they could be a doctor or a lawyer because their aspiration is so different. I am not in a big city here. This is village life by all accounts and that is whom I am dealing with here. Simple people seek nothing more than to put food on the table for the family.  

A little goes a long way. 

The main area that peoples focus on is well-being and happiness. Is that the meaning of life? Or is it owning a big house a nice car, the newest gadgets, and fancy restaurants? 

These people work, some work very hard and some have easier jobs. As my new friend Kevien knows, his life is to take care of the family. That’s it, very traditional roles here and the man is the breadwinner and the woman takes care of the family.  

What else is there? 

The drive to do better, be better is here to a point. But not the same way as the North American drive. Here people will be involved in land sales and get some commission.  

If they are involved in some small business such as selling a scooter, they may make a little bit of money on the side. The drive to open a business is also here. Small restaurants are everywhere. But the drive to become a franchise and make more and more money is not in the mindset of the local villager. They are happy to make enough money to get by and put food on the table.  

No, they do not have the same goals as “we” do. But our, our goals so much better than theirs? In the end, it is the quality of life that matters and not what we die with that does.  

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