Meeting Kevien. Bali Indonesia 6

Today I met Kevien  

That is the way he spells his name; it is not a typo. As you can tell from the photo, I am in Ubud and the rice fields are my view. When I looked out in the morning, I saw two local men tending the fields.  

One of them was planting in the field on the far left and the other was operating a noisy machine. It is a way of tilling the fields and breaking up the mud after the fields have been flooded. I watched for a while and saw that the man tilling was surfing the mud. This intrigued me and I had to take a closer look. I was trying to find a way to get the rice field to get a better look.  

While the rice fields are private property, it is quite common for people to wander in a little and take a better look. Currently, it is all large mud puddles anyway. I searched on Google at first and then I decided to go for a walk. 


Just use the door. 

Wouldn’t you know it… My unit here had direct access to the rice fields and as soon as I reached for the door, the owner’s two little dogs darted toward the metal gate. The 1m drop deterred the little guys from going down but not me.  

I took the opportunity to take some great pics. The large bodies of water and the flooded fields made for some amazing reflections of the sky. Anyway, I made it and wandered the field carefully since it was covered in grass and mud.  

As I was taking my pics, I saw the man who was tilling look over occasionally. When I finished my photos, I walked a little closer. Slowly the man came over and said, “Morning Mister” In my best Bahasa I asked him how he was doing. Our conversation was cut short because his friend called him.  

Coffee break. 

Funny how that happens everywhere in the world. The man came back with a small plastic bag that had his coffee in it. He bit the bag and sucked on the coffee. It was rather unusual but to many, that is normal here.  

We then introduced ourselves and that is how I met Kevien. I asked him if he was from around here. While he lives in Bali he was born in Java and now lives in a small rental unit with his two boys 2 and 7 and of course his wife. 

I didn’t want to hold him up, so I handed him my card and he then quickly punched his number into my phone.  

As soon as I returned to my place, I messaged him in hopes to connect later. Within a minute I had a call from the number and a woman was talking to me. Well, Kevien, does not own a phone… But his wife does. She called in a bit of a panic. I bet she was wondering why this white man is messaging this number and how the hell does he know her husband. Needless to say, I will be visiting Kevien and his family to get a better idea of how a local farmer lives in Bali, stay tuned.  

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  1. I see the steps of your journey like I was there meeting Kevien (nice name by the way). I am intrigued at the photos you took where the body of water and mud reflected the sky. Beautiful write. 💜

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