The First Stay. Bali Indonesia 2

The first stay. 

My first stay was at Alindra Villas in the Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Bukit area. My brother and I stayed in a Joglo (small traditional wooden cottage) while he visited me from Canada.  

This place was part of a much bigger complex but has 6 little cottages in a nice hidden area with a shared pool. A lovely place to stay and yet be close enough to nearly all the beaches in the area. 

The Joglo’s are 30 years old, and well taken care of, with no bug infestations or termites. The one thing in Bali is that nearly every place has air conditioning, but no place has insulation. The air conditioning units run and run cooling down the wooden cabin. The instant you turn off the units, humidity sets in. In a Joglo like ours, the cracks in the walls are evident and during a sunset, the golden glow can light up parts of a room.  

Alindra villas. 

At the time I booked this cute little cottage I was lucky enough to book for three months. Now that Bali is opening up again, they no longer take on monthly clients. This is a mistake in my opinion. Everyone in Bali jumps on the bandwagon and makes the same decisions. The hotels I can totally understand. They are chains set up to accommodate people for short stints at a time with daily cleaning etc. 

The big BUT… 

But the big but here is… there are thousands upon thousands of homestays, hostels, hotels and villas. Thousands of other places such as glamping, camping, and shared accommodations.  

With places like Airbnb and hundreds of Facebook groups online your villa will not be rented. This leads to people eventually lowering prices. Sure, the hot area with a decent villa has the advantage. That is not where I am planning on staying. I have been in Bali long enough to know how to get around and where I want to be. 

Off to Ubud. 

While Ubud is a hotspot for tourists. I shall not be staying in the thick of it all. I will be off the beaten path in a small room with a kitchen on the outskirts of Ubud. Far enough away that I am not bothered by the main areas of traffic. My plan is to follow through with my social media on the locals and not just the “Bule’s” (slang for white foreigners) posting about themselves. 

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  1. I love how you are taking this Balinese route and look farward to more of your articles about this. Talking to and documenting the life of the locals (even introducing a local word every now and then) makes for a richer experience. (reader) experience. Thank you for this piece 💜

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