Time to boycott BMW

Boycott BMW!  

How messed up is BMW for even thinking this? How messed up is Oliver Zipse, the CEO that approved this? Who in their right mind is going to buy a BMW in the future? The thought of knowing that unless I gift my kids my condo, they may never be able to afford one… The thought of every single thing in this world becoming subscription-based is sad. Why don’t we all strive to be better do better and use some form of COMMON SENSE!? 

This angers me to like level 10 out of 10! Instead of coming up with schemes like this here. Try making some pretty cars again and not make ugly disproportioned ones!  

Please have a read below. 

Seriously this makes me angry and upset when no one will ever own a thing! 

These days, no area of life seems immune to the concept of the subscription model. The music we listen to, the films we watch, the food we buy, and even our cars can all be sorted via a monthly or annual fee. 

Now, though, BMW is charging its customers monthly fees to use heated seats and other features that may already be physically installed in the car. Heated seats are the equivalent of £15 per month. It’s worth noting that customers can also pay for a £150 ($178) yearly subscription, £250 ($296) three-year subscription or buy the heated seat functionality permanently for £350 ($414). 

BMW also offers a subscription service for use of software which helps detect speed cameras which costs £25 per year. You can also add a feature called High Beam Assistant, which automatically turns off your high beam headlights when there’s oncoming traffic (costing £10 a month or £100 a year). Other safety features like Driving Assistant Plus, which bundles together adaptive cruise control and automatic braking can be paid for on a monthly basis for £35, annually for £350, every three years for £550 or unlocked permanently for £750… That’s a lot for something already installed on your car. 

What are they thinking?

Now if this does not make your blood boil then you must be also in favour of higher taxes. Maybe you are also in favour of the abortion ban and Trump.  A car is the second largest purchase in most people’s life. Soon to be the largest purchase because no average young person will ever be able to afford a new home.  

The other large part of the puzzle here is the aftermarket scene. You know damn well that someone out there will hack into the systems of these cars. They can do it to a Tesla, then they can do it to a BMW. BMW is asking for trouble here. I sure hope that Hyundai and others are watching a listening. Don’t be BMW. Reach out to customers and say “We oppose subscription-based options” you will gain a shit load of new customers!”  

Are tires and the engine extra too?

Now these assholes want to make an option on cars to be a pay/month option? Go $uck yourselves BMW!  

You should all be very, very ashamed of yourselves for ripping people/customers off.  

Are you going to pay for the repairs when things go wrong? I mean if it were some car insurance schemes where you can pay and then you do not need to pay for service and all. Yeah, I may be on board. However, this is just you pieces of shit taking a bite out of your customers. 

Please, no one and I mean no one take a BMW for a test drive and no one buy a car from these assholes!  

BMW and others who think this is a good idea… think again!  

Credit to https://www.carthrottle.com/post/bmw-now-charges-15-per-month-for-heated-seats-already-installed-in-your-car/ 

Editor’s note: Currently this subscription is available in the United Kingdom and South Korea.  However, should the subscription model become more popular, who knows?

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