How to Be a Better Boss?

Book 13. How to be a better boss?

WTF you may ask? 

So as things go in business we need to face a few facts. Sometimes things do not go according to plan. In fact most of the time things will challenge us and put us off the track we thought we would go on. Such is the case when it comes to management and the staff. Have you ever wondered what you should do and how you should approach things? 

While this is not a self-help book, it is an in-your-face type of HR manual that one can learn from. 

I don’t know why certain people who think they are leaders are actually dictators or just dicks. Actually do know why, the question is how come they do not know that they are dicks?

How to not be a dick?

Yes, that is what the main idea of this book is. A way to tell a boss that they are wrong. A way to educate the so-called leaders that they are dictators rather than a person to look to for leadership. 

There is a huge difference between one and another. You cannot push and push without getting pushback. Eventually, something will break. Most likely it will be the valuable employee that will toss in the towel and go tell you f-yourself and walks off. This leaves a hole that needs to be plugged in time and time again as your trained staff takes off. 

Working for a company like Google is a dream for many. Yet at one point you must ask yourself. Is it worth it? Now that is not to say that one cannot learn from a demanding boss. But working for an asshole of a boss is different.

Are you the asshole?

That is what this book is about. It is rather simple. It is a short book and more like a guide. It is a short read to reflect on yourself to see if you are an asshole. 

You may or may not be. You may discover that you are on the verge of becoming one. Maybe you just became one and you can turn back and make a good leader out of yourself. 

Ah, yes… That is the part of the book I want you to pick up on. Are you the asshole that everyone hates? Discover for yourself in the privacy of your own home and see if you can make a change. 

Be a leader, and help your staff and HR to create better employees. That is your job. You are the coach of a team and your job is to put the best team on the field. Are you up for the challenge? 

The back of the book. 

Are you struggling to make sense of it all at the workplace? What HR does not or cannot tell you… This is a no-nonsense approach guide to creating good employees will help. From playing the blame game to simple team building, this short but comprehensive guide will get you on your way to seeing through and past the office politics. Because most likely, it’s not your fault. Short and to the point, is the point.

How to Be a Better Boss?

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