Food Truck 777

Book 12. Food Truck 777 

Life takes some unexpected turns sometimes. In life, we also meet some very interesting characters and that is what inspires me. Have you ever had a person that you looked at and wondered…  

How do you manage to function at all in society?  

That is the basic premise of this book. Taking a fish out of water story of a very rich, snobbish arrogant individual and putting them in a highly unlikely situation. To torture them with mundane, everyday life sort of shit that we all need to do but he does not.  

Being rich means having privileges, let’s face that fact. But what happens when you never had to deal with any of the average things that “normal” people need to deal with. 

The stress. 

This is how the novel goes for the most part. To torture and upset the arrogant son of a bitch to the point where he needs to give up. Yet with an ego the size of a small country, he knows he cannot give up. This tension between arrogance, ego and failure is where this character is plopped into. He is not a fish out of water really. He is just living his life on a very upper level of society and does not see the way others live.  

This oversight is not his problem. He has been brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth and therefore he doesn’t know better even though he should.  

He must endure the stress of everyday life in order to learn. This is where he grows as a character and learns that being nice is not a weakness.  

Real life. 

Tossing a Kardashian into the “real” world and making them lose every privilege in their life would surely bring them to their knees. I know what you are thinking. This could never happen, yet you could be wrong. There are plenty of athletes and celebrities that have had it all and lost it.  

Some have even ended up on the streets and forgotten. So yes it can happen. But how does one recuperate after hitting rock bottom? Well, that is where I as the writer come in and fix up a life I have torn down.  

While this book’s main character is based on a real-life character, he has yet to lose it all. Even though at times I feel he should, so he too could learn a valuable life lesson.  

The back of the book. 

A rich young man falls from grace and must find a way to fend for himself when he loses everything. Unlikely friendships are formed when Maaz loses his father, his family business and his friends. Being poor does not always mean having nothing. Maaz must learn real-life lessons the hard way when he ends up with nothing and must start over alone. Life is hard when you have no friends and family to depend on. Friendships are formed when Maaz realizes that there is more to life than money. However, his road to realization is not as simple as he thinks. Compassion, friendships and giving back have very different effects on the mind and body. Maaz’s realization of what life is can only come through living it. 

Food Truck 777

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