But how? 

I feel that there is going to be a gap in simple tech. My aunt who is over 86 still uses her flip phone to take calls and make calls. We all know that smartphones are easier. Yet with her frail fingers, she touches the wrong buttons and launches the wrong app. Even with a simple setup, it is very frustrating. But she would love to be able to Facetime and call us. One cannot come without the other. This tech is also something that my dad uses. He is 76 and has embraced this technology and will continue to use it. But these are simple things that one can learn. 

Falling behind. 

It seems that people who were interested in the tech and embraced it followed it. The ones that were squeamish and hesitant are falling behind. Surprisingly even some of my very successful friends never type their emails.  

Someone types it up and sends it to them, they approve it and copy-paste it. Even in Whatsapp conversations, they have someone type it all up and they only copy-paste the info. 

This one person I know would never be able to post a single thing on Instagram. Yet they run a multi-million dollar business. They have people to do it. However, they couldn’t order food on Uber if their life depended on it.  

This disconnect. 

There seems to be a fear of tech in many ways. Posting on Facebook is easy. Posting a reel with all the proper music and hashtags is a bit harder.  

Our team manages and set up 3 off-road adventure guides with their Instagram accounts in Bali. However, these were for locals with little education but a willingness to work. All they want to do is drive the clients around and go to work. They don’t want to deal with social media. Get up at 4 am, greet the guests, work until 2-3 pm and go fishing, smoke and hang out. Booking guests and all is not their forte but part of their business. 

It is interesting that two separate groups of people. One being foreigners and the others being local Balinese end up at the same conclusion. Maybe tech is too much… Maybe we should go back to the day of fax machines. Maybe not, but it seems that the more advanced we get the busier our lives are and that is possibly the takeaway from here. 

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