Change is Hard.

Older people and tech.  

I am by far not the most advanced person when it comes to tech. Yet here I find myself in today’s world surrounded by people who have not kept up.  

I am working with people who do not know the basics of google sheets, and people who do not know how to set up a Facebook page and make Instagram work.  

This is sad but at the same time, it is a sign of the times. With Covid, many people have cut staff and now these individuals and business owners are trying to make it all happen on their own.  

They have not kept up. 

Not keeping up with today’s platforms and the new tech is hindering today’s gen x and Boomers who are entrepreneurs. I am not a whiz kid, but having been involved in setting up YouTube channels, Amazon publishing and managing several Instagram accounts have helped to keep me in the loop. 

It came to me by accident when one of my hired individuals vanished. Yes, he vanished to the point of no one ever knowing where he went to this day, two years later.  

His disappearance was a blessing. I had to deal with and learn the social media aspect of my business. I was not green but his disappearance helped advance my knowledge.  

Afraid of tech. 

We all know that change is hard. Everyone wants it and expects it but very few embrace it. Recently we took over a small restaurant’s Instagram account and set up several Airbnb accounts for the simple reason that it was too much tech for the owners to embrace. Once set up they were overwhelmed by emails and questions from clients and they wanted nothing to do with it. Hire someone, I cannot do this.  

“Do you mind managing my accounts? I’ll pay you; I don’t want this.” 

It is understandable. It’s not the way business was done in the good old days. People are booking, cancelling and doing more and more research on places by the second. Change of mind and attitude are one thing but some requests will make you want to pull your hair out. 

The most common Airbnb question, 

“Is your place available between this and this date?”   

You absolute idiot, if it is not booked yet in the calendar it is available. That’s the answer you want to throw back at the person. Yet I am sure the person asking the question is an older person who once again, does not know. They just do not understand that if it is not booked it is available. 

The next thing for everyone involved would be to have a simple brush-up course on the general workings of today’s tech. It benefits myself and my staff. Yet people in business should be in the know.  

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  1. Hi Lenore, thank you for your comment. My dad and my aunt are a decade apart and my aunt is 86. She really wants to learn but gets very frustrated and I can’t blame her. Seems like you are managing, hope all us well.




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